Thursday, January 26, 2012

Battle of the sexes

I supposed you may have guessed from this picture that the weekly Weigh-In did not go well today. 

I gained (sob, sob).  It was only .4 pounds (that's point 4  - NOT 4 pounds)  So less than half a pound but still crappy.

However I was not alone.  Seven people gained this week. 

Unfortunately it was all the women.  All the men lost this week.

So you can imagine the conversations.  There was considerable gloating.

About mid morning I heard a couple of the men down at the end of the hall talking in exaggerated loud voices.  This is how part of the conversation went:

"I think we better call the Engineering Department to come up here and check out the building.  I'm not sure it is structurally sound enough to hold all the extra weight on this floor." 

I'm sorry, but there is no other word .........Assholes ! 

There is one week left in the challenge and now the ladies are all riled up.  Look out boys - We're gunning for you next week!


  1. Assholes is right! They better watch out. Revenge is very sweet.
    Hugs :)

  2. MEN! They can lose weight no matter what!! It's just not fair! And that rude comment ~ sounds like harrassment to me!!

  3. It's not fair. I find that my weight has very little to do with what I ate (seemingly). I can eat big and lose. Similarly, I can behave myself completely and I'll gain 2 pounds. Not .2 - that's 2 whole pounds. Makes me crazy.

  4. Well aren't those funny. Nothing like a little unfriendly competition in the office. I think there must be something with the moon phases going on because I gained 2 in the last couple of days too..... and that would be 2 not .2!! I know it couldn't be that piece of pumpkin cake with the cream cheese frosting I ate when the ladies came for hooking could it?
    Give those nasty men a run for their money next week!
    Cathy G

  5. you are right they are assholes. Who is preparing their foods their wives? I hope that you girls get them next week!

  6. Maybe what you should do is treat your male co-workers to some nice baked goods next week...kill them with kindness (and fat).

  7. I think the scales were rigged in the men's favor, that's all it could be!

  8. Sorry but that is just funny. I bet they were enjoying themselves. 4 tenths isn't that bad. But after last week and I gained it does feel like a bunch.
    Well, onto next week. You know what I liked about weight in day? More new points to eat. :)

  9. HAHA - men loose better. Keep it up you WILL loose weight! sandie

  10. LOL! Oh wow, they're going to get it now. Hey, .4 is under half a pound. It happens! We'll say its just the muscle you built up while walking through the parking lot into the building. ;)

  11. Kim ..too funny ,hope you get the man next week real good..

  12. girls give those guys a run for their money!!! Show em how it's really done!

    Karen & the Hounds

  13. It's hard to go against a man's body when it comes to weight loss. They have more muscle mass and just loose it quicker...but to gloat like that is truly classless! Maybe you gals need to make some sweet treats and leave them around for the guys..see how that works!

  14. Are the menfolk you work with related to Jeeves from your last post or what? Oh well - let it roll - no matter how much they lose, middle-aged men all have ridiculous skinny chicken legs it seems. ;o) Ya know what they say - "payback's a b****" Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin