Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Work, work, work

Cleaning out my closet, putting away the Christmas gifts,
sweeping up all the fir needles that are falling
off the tree,  cooking something so we can
eat something other than turkey.

Oh,  these are NOT things I did today.  I just thought about all of them.


  1. Kim ~
    I just love you. You are too funny.
    Hugs :)

  2. LOL! It's the Thought that Counts!

    The turkey part really made me laugh! I feel like i'm stuck in 101 Things to Do With Turkey. I think there's only one more day left. Maybe number 54 should be give it to the outdoor cats!

  3. Now I laughed and laughed. So what did you eat if you only thought about it? I need to settle myself down and really do some serious hooking. Today was not that day.

    I needed a good laugh thanks!

  4. Funny you mentioned it Kim, I do the same thing too, but I don't put my fingers in my beer. lol. WQW, you got 71 followers already girl. I just don't have time to read too many other blogs but I feel so blesses to have you and all my faithful followers leaving comments.

    Take care and have a great time doing nothing. t sounds good to me. JB

  5. Hahaha....I started to feel bad that I hadn't done any of that!!!

  6. I'm with you Kim, feel as tho I will be eating Turkey the whole New Year!

  7. Kim I did alot of that kind of work yesterday while laying on the couch playing with my camera, the puter and reading a book! I want to get those trees down so bad but my procrastination won't let me.

  8. My gosh you are getting to be a very popular blogger! BTW, how is your cottage? Did you check it out yet?

  9. I understand. I have done the same thing. I'm sure I will get all the Christmas decorations put up before time to plant my herb garden.

  10. Thanks for the laugh this morning. I understand completely. Have a good day.