Sunday, December 19, 2010

Eating Cookies

I finished baking my cookies last night and got up this morning and frosted them.  I gave Auntie one to taste and she didn't choke, spit it out or die so I figured they were safe to take to the cookie exchange.  This is what they looked like
The little paper cupcake wrappers were a great idea because I had an hour drive to get to the party and the trays were sliding all around the back seat every time I turned a corner.  But they all arrived upright and in one piece.

It was a lovely afternoon and I have been eating cookies since I got home!  And I suppose the sugar-rush from the cookies was enough to make me get at the bare tree.  I finished putting on the lights and the red beads and that is enough for tonight.  I will finish the rest tomorrow night after our Council meeting.

Don't look too close at the tree.  It is crooked.  I have adjusted and re-adjusted and it is still crooked.  I give up.  I just tell people to tilt their heads a little when they come in the room.  LOL  I'm learning not to sweat the small stuff.

UPS has not updated their tracking all weekend.  I am almost scared to check tomorrow to see where the package goes next.


  1. I think your tree looks beautiful. I love how the picture looks and I didn't turn my head once. :) You cookies looked pretty too. I am looking forward to you updating your trek of you blades too. I hope you have a great Monday and everyone gets the reports in early.

  2. Hi Kim
    If you have a glass of wine the tree doesn't look crooked! After all it is the holiday season, a good excuse to tilt a little. I love the red of the tree and think you are doing a great job. Happy holidays.

  3. Hi Kim, I agree with Kim and Doris. Your tree looks pretty and with a glass of wine it doesn't looks crooked. Your cookies looks very eatable and so nice with the little paper cups. JB

  4. who cares if it is crooked just as long as it doesn't fall over the cookies look great. I went to a cookie swap last week my husband and I have been eathing cookies nonstop.
    hide the scale

  5. Your tree looks beautiful just the way it is! You've got lights and sparkle... what more could a tree ask for? lol! ;-) So glad the cookies tasted as good as they look!

  6. Kim your cookies look downright festive and munchable!! And the tree is lookin good too! Both our trees are looking goofy bendy at the top. If I didn't know better I'd think they had been into the wine. I just read the comments here and I am loving all the people that enjoy a little glass of wine!

  7. It was so wonderful to see you at the Cookie Exchange - but I never got to sample your cookies! After everyone does their selections, we collect the rest, and yours were all gone! I'll have to sneak one from your set next year before everyone else descends on them :-)