Monday, December 20, 2010

The good, the bad, and the ugly

I have had all three before 10:00am.  First the good - I arrived at work this morning to find a small basket on my desk with money.  At the beginning of this season's Survivor show we did an office pool.  We paid money and drew names of the contestants.  I have never watched the show but apparently my guy "Jud" won last night.  That was a nice bonus.  (It will buy a couple more bottles of wine LOL)

Then the first of the Monday Morning reports arrived at 8:42am - Bill again.  But Dawn followed behind at 8:43am.  She just missed the lead by a minute!  I had ALL reports by 9:08am.  My devious little plan is working!!

Now for the combo - this one is all three - good, bad and ugly!  The receptionist called me to say I had a C.O.D. delivery at the front desk.  That's odd because the only thing I was expecting was the much anticipated cutterhead but I had it delivered to my home address.  Hmmmmm?  I went downstairs and it was the cutterhead!!  The joy of living in a small town - the delivery guy knew me so he brought it straight to my office.

Here comes the Bad and the Ugly part.  I had to pay $60.11 to get the package!!   OMG, I was not a happy camper.  I have bought many things from the US and this has never happened.   That is over 40% of the purchase price added on. 

Arrgh! I am trying not to get so wound up about it.  I think this is probably one of those situations where the seller tried to do the right thing to remedy the shipping error and I am hoping that she didn't realize I would be goudged on the the other end.   But after all the hype, it is finally here and I am sour with it.   Whoopie!!

UPDATE:  It is worse than I thought.  I just checked the paperwork and the shipper only listed the value of the item at $100 so I paid 60% on top of the purchase price.   Arrrgh!  Not a huge fan of UPS at the moment!!


  1. Your small town always amazes me. That is a good thing. I am so glad you got your cutter head, finally. Could you call that lady at the company and tell her? Just curious, but how much was your prize winnings from Survivor? I mean It could be one of those little miracles you know how that happens.
    I hope the rest of the day is wonderful though.

  2. As much as things (usually) arrive faster with UPS, the much higher price tag is hardly worth it. Sounds like you got dinged with not just the $5 handling fee + 13% HST (which is bad enough), but DUTY (which in my experience only happens to 1 parcel in 100 via Canada Post/USPS)....and to cap it all off, you didn't even get the speedy delivery. How unfair -- but on the sunny side, you now have your cutter head....and all of this mess will soon be forgotten! ;-)

    P.S. hope you have enough Survivor winnings to put a dent in the fees....

  3. Kim, I can't believe the price and travels of this cutter head! Something is wrong with UPS service thats for sure. Thank you for leaving such a nice comment on my blog. Memories are precious things. Happy holidays to you and yours.

  4. Kim,
    So happy you got the cutter head but something doesn't sound right with that shipping charge! Ouch! Next time get a final price from the seller including the shipping before the item ships so there's no surprises.

    Try not to let it dampen your spirits! It's only money and it's meant to be spent!! LOL You helped the economy and kept a few people employed!
    Enjoy that cutter head! Hope it cuts like buttah!!

    Cathy g

  5. Gosh it sounds like you got charged for everytime it came to Canada and went back to the states, was that at least twice.
    But on a brighter note you can now cut wool and become a crazed hooker with all those worms.

    Merry Christmas

  6. Kim, Kiss that cutter head Welcome. It's now yours, no one can deny that.If I were you I would make the seller aware of the situation and even show them how much it cost you to get it to your address and the long wait. all this is not good for business no matter how popular the cutter heads are.

    When my hooking frame was held at custom and sent back to the shipper the shipper immediately shipped another one to me waived the shipping cost because of the delay. The package was held at custom because someone didn't like the description on the package. Something about hooking is my guess.
    your cutter head. JB

  7. Kim, the last comment was supposed to say Enjoy your cutter head, JB

  8. I would have said you need to take that back to where it came from. that is awful for a cutter head. oh what we wool people will to keep hooking.

  9. That sounds totally crazy to charge that much to get your merchandise from the States!! I would have been majorly ticked ~ we all know you will love your new cutterhead, but really ~ you could have made a trip here almost as cheap!! Merry Christmas to you!

  10. Kim what a crazy mess with the package! That cutter head is as good as gold!

    The good part is dang good Kim! A little extra money to play with!

  11. Kim ~
    I am so sorry you got gouged. I would definitely let the seller know what you were charged and sweetly remind them how long you waited for the cutterhead, that it was initially their fault, etc. Maybe they'll feel guilty and somehow "reward" you for your patience.
    Hugs :)

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