Friday, December 17, 2010

My day off

I took the day off work today to catch up on some holiday chores and try to make sure I meet my self imposed deadline of "no stores by December 20th".   I had ordered a couple of specialty items that had to be picked up in Moncton (about 40 minutes away) so I hit the road first thing this morning.  One of the items was at Costco.  I hate that place.  Its so busy and crowded and just a pain in the butt.  So as I was getting close to the building I started getting that Yucky feeling but hoped I could just get in and out quick.  (Yeah, right)

Anyway, I am about to turn into the parking lot.  There are 2 lanes of traffic that merge into one leading to the parking.  Now, the standard practice for this traffic situation is usually a give and go thing.  One car goes and then lets the next merge etc.  So it's my turn to merge..................and this sweet looking little old lady in a gold Toyota, looks in my face..........and then tramps on the gas pedal and CUTS ME OFF!
WELL.......My mouth flew open and I sat there for a second stunned (and then majorly ticked off) and I looked and the man in the truck behind her was losing his mind laughing!!  He waved for me to pull out - still laughing.

The sweet old lady (I mean old bat) pulled into a parking space and I pulled in 2 spaces over.  I was thinking to myself "you might have gotten in the parking lot first, but I'll be getting in the store first!"  The laughing man in the truck pulled in beside me and must have seen the devious look on my  face and whispered "we can race her".   I swear I might have knocked her over if I had to!  LOL

Then after I fought my way through a couple of stores, my phone beeped.  A friend of mine was in Moncton also so we arranged to meet for a bit at a cafe.  I had the most yummy Candy Cane Hot Chocolate and a giant ginger cookie.

That was a perfect break to re-energize me for a few more stores.  Then I arrived back home and delivered a special gift.  Five years ago I lost a dear friend tragically just before Christmas.  Ever since then I deliver a special gift to her Mom.  I guess its my way of showing her I still remember her daughter and also I  kind of think I'm giving her the gift that Carrie isn't here to deliver.   Sappy eh!  But this is the first time we didn't cry during the delivery.  I think that is progress.

I have updated the adventures of my travelling cutterhead.  Its getting funnier and funnier.  I not sure if UPS updates their tracking on the weekend but I will keep you all posted. 


  1. You are so amazing!! You have me crying because that is the sweetest thing I have ever heard. I bet that Mom loves you so much. That is so kind of you to remember. I always think that the remembering part is what is so special.

    I am glad you told the story about the ole lady. I think sometimes they are the worst. I saw a lady do that then ended up parking by the people she cut off, she didn't get out of her car until they went in the store. It just gets crazy between now and Christmas.
    I never go to Costco either.

  2. Kim ~
    You are a sweetheart! I'm sure your friend's mom appreciates what you do more than you can ever know and I'm sure your friend is smiling down on you. As I've said before and I will say again, there is a special place in heaven for you!
    Oh, if only that cutterhead could talk! Pretty soon you'll be cursing me for telling you about it :)
    Hugs :)

  3. Wow! Sounds like Christmas shoppers in Canada are just brutal! I'm not sure if I would be able to leave my house for the entire month of December if I had to deal with people like that.

    That is so sweet that you do that for your friends mom! I'm sure that she really appreciates it and looks forward to your visit with her. Bless you for being such a good friend and remembering her mom at Christmas!

    Merry Christmas!

  4. christmas spirit oh yea the old lady had it.

  5. Kim sweet thing you do for your friend's Mom. Very sweet. Ooooo I woulda loved to be in the car with you when that little old lady tried a bah humbug on you! I hate parking lots at Christmas. I had a teeny meltdown on the grocery store parking lot yesterday. It wasn't pretty. It involved ice and the back door lift on my vehicle.

  6. I can't believe your cutter head adventures. So weird.
    You are such a blessing to your friends mother to remember your friend each year with a visit to her mother.
    Funny about the old lady, you didn't flatten any of her tires did you. Oh I didn't say that did I.

  7. I had a 20th deadline for myself, but now I have two surprise guest that will need gifts! I will be lucky if I am ready by the 25th!
    You are a sweet, sweet person...