Thursday, December 30, 2010

Work, for real this time

After yesterdays lazy-themed post I decided to get up early and get cracking!  First thing I did was give us a break from the turkey leftovers and made a quick meatloaf.  It was a nice change of pace.

It wasn't long before the "Golden Girls" got up and Auntie had a hair appointment.  I didn't get the front of her car completely shoveled out the other day before it froze, but the back was clear.  As she was leaving I told her to just back straight out and not turn the wheels.  And then I watched in the window.   Did she listen???   Noooooo.  She turned the wheels and put it in drive.   And Yes, she got herself stuck.  I watched her spin, and spin, and spin - all the while thinking ---"I TOLD YOU SO"

So, I got dressed and went out and that stupid car would not move.  After a minute she went back in the house.  I thought - good idea - stay in the sun porch til I get the car moved.  I was making some progress and had just got a little momentum and was ready to tramp on the gas pedal ......when she comes back out with a shovel and stood in front of the car!!!!   Un- freaking-believable!   I slammed on the brakes but for a split second I thought "no jury would convict me".  (kidding.....sort of)    Let me tell you - the air was blue inside the car - my lips were just-a-flapping!

That was the last straw.  I told her to get in my car and I would drive her.  It was only a couple of streets away and Mom was locked inside the house.  When I got back I was still mad and determined to move that stupid car.   The wheels were spinning and smoking and I didn't care.  Then I see a young man coming up the street.  Geez, he will think I a dumb woman driver!  Anyway, he walked in the driveway and pushed me out.   What a sweet young man.  But Auntie is still in the dog-house with me!

I took out my frustration on my closet next.  I ended up taking 2 large garbage bags to the Thrift Store Drop Off and 1 bag is destined for the curb.  In between throw in 4 loads of laundry, put half of the gifts away from under the tree, and then we had 2 different car-loads of visitors before supper.   And in the Maritime way - visitors all get served tea and crumpets.  Just like going to Deanne's shop - you get offered a cup of tea!  I did dishes 5 times today! 

So I think I made up for my lazy day yesterday.

To answer a couple of questions asked lately:
1) A neighbor checked our beach and my cottage is OK.  We are on the high side of the road and the majority of damage was on the other side of the lane.   Whew!
2) The Kindle - Well, it fell through.  Apparently the wife committed it to a family member.  (This is another reason to stay single - hahaha)  I guess that is just another excuse to get an IPAD.  lol


  1. You made me laugh with the golden girls comment. Sounds like your living with sofia.
    I know it is a drag to wash dishes so many times but what a blessing to have wonderful friends.

  2. Dear Kim, I'm sorry your day started on such a spinning note. Keep a small container of sand in the trunk of the car for when the car gets stuck. It will stop the spinning. You could use cat litter too but then I don't suppose that Millie uses cat litter.
    Getting rid of unwanted stuff is so much easier when I'm fuming. I have no mercy. There's a certain energy that comes with anger, don't you think?

    On a sweeter note, I got a thoughtful Christmas card today from you and Millie. Thanks so much for the wonderful message in it. I'm so glad that we made friends too.

    I'm glad that your summer cottage got spared the flood. I wish you all the Best for 2011. Hugs, Julia

  3. Why do older folks do that kind of stuff!!! I want to pull my hair out with dad at least once a day! What really blows me away is watching tv and he gets up to do something, comes back and stops and stands right in front of me while he watches and I can't see a thing! GRRRRRR
    Patience my dear, patience!

  4. Kim, What a crazy Day! Your humor is a treat. Cheri

  5. I got it, you have the life you have to entertain us. I laughed out loud and then I had to read it to my husband. I know it was terrible when it was happening but you do tell good stories. I do understand about doing dishes, I lost count today. You do have such a busy life. I also liked the picture of Carol Burnett. Now that I am grown I see why my parents would just about roll on the floor laughing.
    I hope you have a great Friday. Every day I plan to hook, I don't so I am not going to plan to hook tomorrow and maybe I will. :)

  6. I always loved watching the Golden Girls on tv when I was a teen. I'm sure it's not fun living with the Golden Girls though. All I can say is good thing you live in the city. It would have taken me a good half hour just to drive to the city and then another half hour to get home.

    I HATE doing dishes! Do what I did and get some paper plates! lol It makes life so much easier!

    Happy New Year!

  7. Oh, Kim ~
    You are such a delight. You find humor in every thing. Our own little Erma Bomback. Thank you so much for entertaining us on a regular basis. Mom and Auntie are SO LUCKY to have you as a daughter/niece.
    Happy New Year!
    Hugs :)

  8. Oh Kim!
    Everyday is another adventure at your house! Bless your heart for keeping a sense of humor through it all! It's much better than coming unglued over things!
    My Mom still has her little Dodge pick-up. Fortunately for me she is content to leave it parked for the winter. Although after I backed into the telephone pole the other day I'm not sure she wants to ride with ME anymore either! Did I mention I hate winter?
    Give yourself, Mom and Auntie a big New Years Hug from me!
    Cathy G

  9. Mmmmm I love meatloaf! You got me laughing again this morning. Have a Great New Year Kim!

  10. Kim, I could just see you talking loud inside the car, cussing and swearing, while dear Auntie stood there with the shovel. Oh my, what a hoot! Glad to hear your cottage is okay.

    My mom still drives but when I am there visiting, I drive her car and she is the passenger. She clutches onto the armrest and brakes whenever, any car gets close to me and gives directions miles before its needed. But, I love her dear soul!

    Happy New Year Golden Girls!