Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Three Frosty Ladies

Last night we got hit with a storm.  Not the piles of snow that many of you in the US have experienced, but tons of rain and hurricane force winds. 

I woke this morning and it was a little chilly but we generally turn down the furnace at bed time so I didn't catch on immediately.  But when I went to the bathroom and flicked the light switch  - nothing.  I'm still not sure why I needed to flick it another 5 or 6 times to figure out we had no power.  I guess I was still half asleep.

I checked my cell phone and there were no messages so I got ready for work.  I used a flashlight propped up on my vanity to put on my make-up!  Next stop - the search for coffee.  I headed to the other side of town and luckily "Fast Food Alley" had electricity.  Large coffee from McDonald's drive-thru and off to work. 

Hmmm, no power there either.  After a call to the Electric Company they estimated we may not get power until between 3-6pm. About half the town was out.   The boss reluctantly sent us home but left us all "on-call" with instructions to return and open the building whenever the power was restored.  Back home to check on the ladies.  The power had been off since about 1am so this big old drafty house was getting chilly.  Luckily it was quite mild for December so it could have been worse.  I stopped at Tim Hortons donut shop and grabbed hot tea and donut holes and wrapped the gals up in a few quilts on the sofas.

By mid morning a car pulled in the yard.  It was John, one of Mom's home care workers.  It was his day off and he arrived at the door with this.....

He put some fabric, greenery and a little orange in a Christmas mug.  He had made one for all his regular clients and was delivering them.  Isn't that sweet and thoughtful.  Many of his clients live alone and I just love that fact that he goes the extra mile for them.
About 1pm I heard the gentle whirring of power.  Woohoo - I jacked up that furnace and headed off to work.


  1. When my grandparents were ill they had some home health guys that would come to the house. When my grandpa died, I remember one guy just sitting on the couch and crying his poor eyes out. Some of them are the sweetest people in the whole world and that is so nice he was going around taking care of his patients. I am so glad your power is back on now.

  2. I hate it when we lose power. and like you out of habit I flick the lights on in every room. we had the wind and rain but no power loss thank goodness.

  3. Nothing worse than a power outage in the winter time. Brrrrrr! Glad it didn't go on for days.

  4. I'm glad your power came back on! There have been times when ours would be off for a few days. We finally bought a generator to run the entire house. When our electric goes off it kicks on automatically and runs off our free gas.

    What a sweet homecare worker you have for your mom! I wish my mom had one like that. Hers is always complaining about not being able to pay her bills and trying to get a handout from my mom. I don't like that at all.

    Have a Great Day!

  5. I'm right there with you on the flicking thing! I think it must be human nature OR obsessive compulsive disorder!!! How dare that switch not work! Glad the power wasn't out too long, that can be miserable in the winter.

  6. I am with you on the flicking thing too. Why don't I get it the first time, like duh. Glad you have your power back and that the weather was behaving while you had no heat. You made me smile this morning Kim! I always start reading and then I feel this smile creeping up on me :)

  7. What a nice fellow to bring that cute gift to your mom!! Your 'ladies' are so lucky to have you in their life, Kim ~ you're always so good natured ~ I hope something wonderful happens to you today!!!!!!

  8. I hate it when the power goes off. I feel so helpless. How dependent we are on it. Glad it came on and all were warm again. Take care of yourself as well as your ladies! Happy holidays to all.

  9. Well Mine was not on till 8pm, I was the last 10 houses in the whole Town I think.