Sunday, December 5, 2010

Another day at the "Funny Farm"

It is never a dull moment around here.  First, I did do something special last night - but I'm not going to tell you about it yet.  Mostly because it deserves a post all of its own, and secondly because its not finished yet.  (Just to keep you guessing!  lol)

Now - this is today at the crazy house.  Today is Auntie's birthday.  I had great plans to make it a fun day.  (Should have been my first clue trouble was on the horizon)  After a nice breakfast she opened her presents.  Even Millie gave her a card and a present.  Such a thoughtful and resourceful little puppy.

Then my cousin Terri arrived at the door with flowers from her mother.  Her Mother is a first cousin to Mom and Auntie.  She has been fighting cancer for some time and Terri told us she has taken a dramatic drop in the few weeks.  In fact it sounds like a coin toss whether or not she will make it to Christmas.  She stayed for a couple of hours and obviously needed to talk, cry and vent.   I was glad we were able to be there for her, as I know how important it is to get stuff off your chest but it wasn't doing good for my planned happy birthday day.  It really did bring Aunties mood down.

Since things were going downhill I decided I might as well get some chores done. I gathered up the laundry and threw the load of whites in and then into the dryer.  Next grabbed the darks, threw the wet clothes in the dryer, turned the dial and.........................nothing.  

Geez, are you kidding me???? Another dead appliance??  And on her birthday.....   Let's not forget the psycho episode when the stove died recently.   OMG What do I do?   So naturally, I decided to hide it.  I could tell her tomorrow.  Like, when I'm at work and I don't have to listen to the ranting.....Perfect plan, right?

Well, my plan lasted about 10 minutes.  She had a few towels on the clothesline but it was such a damp drizzly day, they were not going to dry.  She brought them in and asked me if I would dry the towels with my clothes.   CRAP - Busted -  I looked at her funny and stammered and stuttered for a few seconds.  Then she got mad and said "Well never mind if you won't do it".   Double crap!

So I just blurted it out.   "I didn't want to tell you on your birthday but the dryer is broken."  And then I held my breath and waited for the impending explosion................
She just looked at me and said "Oh well, I guess the appliances are all going to go one after the other.  We'll call somebody tomorrow."  

HUH???  Who the heck is this Stepford Auntie and where is my lovable but often psychotic Aunt?  I'm still scratching my head over that response.  Definitely Stepford!

We ended the evening with a nice dinner.  A few of her friends joined us at a local restaurant and then we came back here and had tea and birthday cake.

I think I might be looking forward to going back to work tomorrow.  :)


  1. Oh that is such a cute story. I just laughed about Stepford Auntie. I wonder why appliance go all at once? I can't wait to hear about your surprise. I am glad your day turned out nice just the same.
    I hope you have a good week.

  2. LOL....too funny! I mean too bad that the dryer died but the mental picture I have of you trying to hide it from your aunt!!
    Thanks for the chuckle!!

  3. It is always the way one after another. Thanks for your visit. Glad auntie was in a mellow mood.

  4. SHHhhHHH don't let any other appliances know as they seem to be ganging up on you.

  5. So sorry about your dryer stalling on you when the weather is wet out there. I always say that when something breaks down, brace yourself for two more things to break down as it always comes in three.

    I have an aunt that is so superstitious that when she broke a piece of dished she would break tow glass jars just so that she wouldn't accidently break another piece. Hope you get your dryer fixed today. JB

  6. Appliance fever strikes again- they come in three's you know. Glad to hear it didn't dampen (pun) the day too much. See, just when we think we have it all figured out - we DON'T!!! (and I personally think we never will)