Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tis the season

Tis the season....for over-loaded schedules and short tempers.  Falalalala  

I have been joking that work has been like a mine field.  For days now its been like walking on eggshells around everyone.  Too many deadlines and so much stress are taking a toll.

And unfortunately today I joined the ranks.  By mid afternoon I had the last straw and I blew - twice! Both times to people who are much higher on the food chain too!  But it seems like lately I am always the "bitch".  I'm always nagging someone for a late or incomplete report, or telling that they are not following policy etc.

When the #1 boss asked me a question this afternoon - and I gave him the honest answer - I could tell he was not impressed.  He didn't say anything but he had "the look".   I said "I can't be the bitch here everyday.  I am the bitch at home everyday and I can't do it here.  Somedays I have to pick my battles." 

Whew.....as soon as I blew I felt better.  And lucky for me, he smiled and said yes, he understood that.   After I got that off my chest we talked a bit more.  I will eventually give him the answer he was hoping for, but today I just didn't have the strength to annoy another senior manager.

THEN, as I was checking blogs tonight someone had posted a Christmas Countdown gadget......

17 flippin days left...............

Are you kidding?????

Oh dear,  this is not good!  So I am sitting down with Auntie in a few minutes and we are making a list
All of our leftover to-do's.  The countdown put me in a panic.  So my plan is to take one master list and just drive it like mad for a few days.  Just once I would like to be able to relax and not pushing through the stores after Dec.20th.  My imaginary dream is to just bake and make fancy treats the few days before Christmas. 

I don't think it's gonna happen, but a girl can still dream. Sigh......


  1. Dear Kim, so sorry that you had a rough day at work. It always feels better after venting your frustrations. I'm not ready for Christmas either.

    You can buy gift cards everywhere, just make sure they don't have expiry dates on. The sales are good after the holidays and people can buy more for the money.

    How many people do you have to buy gifts for? Give gift cards and let them choose. That's what I am planning to do with those I don't know what to buy for. For those who like books, a gift card from Chapter, for young girls who like cloths a gift card from Garage clothing store , for those who like tools, a gift card from Canadian Tire, those who like to go out to dinner Swiss Chalet gift card to cover two dinner at least for those whom I haven't got a clue , a few lottery tickets. I'm still using a gift card that I got from my daughter for the garden center.

    Go simpler and enjoy a stress free Christmas shopping. JB

  2. Ho, ho, ho Kim, :) only kidding. I am usually finished by Thanksgiving. Not this year. Today, I took my list and took my daughter and we shopped. Just because of the panic that is starting to happen. I am so glad you can laugh though. You made me laugh, but I did have a heart attack 17 days left!! Oh my gosh. I will have to get busy. This Christmas party out of the way tonight then I can worry about Christmas.
    I hope you have a better day tomorrow.
    Hug from me to you.

  3. Hi Kim,
    Why does this time of year get so stressful?! We get all in a frenzy and then after the 25th, it's suddenly OVER! I'm trying to get to the OVER part by ignoring the BEFORE part. Don't know if it will work, but I'm giving it my best effort.
    Hope the list works! Or write it up, crumple it into a ball and go for the baking and making of treats. Life's too short!

  4. Kim ~
    I am a list maker extraordinaire and I've got WAY to many lists. Each year I tell myself I am not going to panic and I've been doing pretty good, but I can feel a bit starting to build. I want to actually ENJOY the holiday! That's a rather foreign concept to me.
    I hope tomorrow will be better at work. When you're a bottom feeder at work like I am, there's not a whole lot of work stress...lol!
    Hugs :)

  5. I am sorry about your day. I have resorted to gift certificates resturants,spa,tickets for the movies,etc. As many as I can it takes some of the stess off.

  6. You are toooo funny, everytime I read your blog you make me chuckle, thank you for that , totally love your sense of humor!!!!! Hopin the very best for your Holiday Season!!!!

  7. Countdown's drive me insane! Why can't we just enjoy these last few days of the year without the stress and guilty feelings for not doing it all!
    I am going for the soak in the bath tub now and may stay there until Jan!
    Seriously hang in there kid..........your fabulous sense of humor and joyful spirit will get you through the days! ( and a few nips of the nectar of the gods!)
    Cathy G

  8. Kim I just been trying to "breathe" every morning and think of something soothing. You are too funny to get all stressed out. I don't want you all stressed. Look forward to a glass of red after work :)

  9. Hang in there. It will be over soon regardless of what does or doesn't get done. And what doesn't get done is really no major disaster!!
    Be strong!

  10. Oh Kim honey that is my wish for both of us. I so wish I were near you so I could help you. This is year I am so far behind with everything I am too trying not to panic. Good thing I am not at work I would be just like you.
    My wish is we both get it done like you said by the 20th so we can bake.
    Love ya sweetie