Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Out past my bedtime

Last night it was 10:15pm and the phone rang. I was sprawled on the sofa all settled in for the night.  On the other end of the phone was my friend Rhonda.  She said "I just put puffed pastry in the oven - Come over."   Hmmm, food.......friends.....maybe there will be wine??   I'm on my way I said.  Me - going out after 10pm -----Scandalous!!  LOL

The storm postponed Rhonda's flight back to Ontario for another day so she decided to make the most of her last night.  There were another couple of acquaintances there and we sat around and ate hot pastry appetizers and yes, there was wine.  Those kind of spontaneous outings always seem to be the most fun.

Poor little Millie got worn out waiting for me to get home.  She likes to stand guard until the car pulls back in the yard.  This is the aftermath.
You would think with all this vacation time that I would be hooking more.  I hadn't even tested the #8 cutterhead that I moaned about for weeks!   But it seems the past few days I have had hookers-block.  I wasn't in the mood to finish the in progress holiday rug and couldn't decide what to hook next.

But this afternoon I grabbed a piece of wool and yes, the cutterhead cuts wool like butter!  So I just started hooking with no plan.  This is what I ended up with - so far.

Its hard to believe a week of my vacation is gone already.  Time just goes quicker and quicker these days.


  1. Time goes all too fast the older we get. I don't understand it! Sweet Millie looks worn out. Will look forward to seeing how your new project comes out!

  2. Kim ~
    Great (???) minds travel parallel paths??? How funny that we both posted about hooker's block within minutes of each other. At least you started hooking something. I think I am going to cross stitch.
    Millie is just A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!
    Happy New Year!!!
    Hugs :)

  3. It sounds like a fun spontaneous thing to go do. I bet it was fun. I like what you are hooking. Well, I put my first project away. It looks so bad I was embarrassed to take it's picture. But I have another idea to try. The thing is this is the second time I have tried this pattern and it still looks dumb. So Jacque sent me some already drawn patterns so I am going to drop back and punt and use one of those. I really need a hook in somewhere so I could ask questions. I have never seen other than U tube watch someone hook.

    I have had a mind block too.

    I hope you vacation slows down too. As mine will be over too. :)

  4. Oh and I forget Millie looks so cute on her blanky. I can tell she just gave up. Poor girl

  5. Hi Kim, I'm glad that you got to have fun visiting with your friend last night. It beats sitting on the sofa watching TV but Millie might think otherwise, the poor little thing. She looks like she is feeling sorry for herself. She too cute for words.

    I love the colors you are using for your new heart rug.

    I've got the hookers block too. I walk up to my rug, look at it and leave the room. I need to fix the ribbon border at the top. I'm not pleased with it but I'm not in a hooker's mood. That"s OK. I 'll just hook when the mood changes. Happy New Year Kim to you and all your love ones and Millie too.

  6. Totally decadent! Puff pastry and wine after 10 p.m.!!! LOL! Geez, that sounds like FUN!
    Dear little Millie is so cute. Waiting up for her wayward Mom just wore her out!
    The Vacation Time Law (kinda like Murphy's Law) is that vacation time always goes twice as fast as any other time. And going back to work is three times harder!

  7. Millie looks so tired waiting up for you! You must had stayed out way too late! lol Bad girl! lol

    Tuesdays' Show & Tail!

  8. Oh, I like Pat's vacation time law. If that isn't the truth!!!

  9. Oh I love calls like that I do think they are the most fun. Not to much thinking goes into it. so much more relaxed.

  10. I am glad that you had a good time with friends. You deserve it. I love the new rug. I am anxious to see where the design takes you. Have fun and enjoy every minute. Lisa

  11. Sounds like a great get together! Always good to have friends like that! :-) Little Millie looks so dang cute all snuggled up like that! Glad the cutter head is working good. You've been through enough aggravation with that thing already...

  12. Millie is one devoted little angel! Waiting for Mom...... while she is out on the town! You deserve more of those impromptu evenings!
    I enjoyed Deanne's post about you and your blog. I wish you a year ahead full of many inspirations for your writing. And along with that some great adventures!
    Cathy G

  13. Way to go, girl...We all deserve someone else's treats every now and again...sound yummy and Millie looks like she has had it....Beautiful....

  14. Kim I love the two hearts! Millie's got her blankie to keep her warm and secure till her Mom comes home. Fun, spur of the moment thing to do-very festive! Pastry AND Wine!!!!

  15. I love your rugs...my family use to do a lot of hook rugs and had my Grandmothers' 100 plus year old farm house put on a rug and it took at least a year to finish it but it's gorgeous and hung on my mom's living room wall.
    Thanks for the visit; I was at Rural Rambler and saw your name so I decided to stop by!

  16. Time flies when your having fun(or just relaxing.)

  17. Poor Millie~ She wanted her mommy! ha! She is adorable.....I love to rug-hook also..Happy New Year to you!