Monday, May 10, 2010

Well, today it was like it was Monday morning all darn day! You know the story of the Midas Touch, where everything he touches turns to gold? For me today, it was the reverse.......seems like everything I touched today turned into a big, stinky, steaming pile of POO.

And it wasn't just one thing. Days like this, you wanna just go get a lucky lottery ticket and pack it in! LOL

After work I thought I would pick up an un-finished project and get it done. Here is the Beach Bum fully hooked. I'll start binding the edges while I'm watching Dancing With The Stars. (I'm addicted) It seemed appropriate to finish the Beach Bum, since I had to KISS alot of BUTT today!


  1. Hope your week gets better.
    When it's crazy on Mondays at my work (as it often is in the summertime), I sing the "Manic Monday" song in my head all day -- and sometimes out loud when it's really bad!

  2. Kim,
    You may think this is strange, but everywhere I went today people were complaining that they were having a bad day....possibly the moon is aligned with a black hole or some wacky universe thing!!!! LOL Hope tomorrow is better! Cathy G

  3. So creative! The rug is fabulous and the name is just perfect!

  4. Kim ~
    I do hope today was a better day for you!
    I love the way you hooked the water in your beach bum rug!!!
    Pug hugs :)