Thursday, May 6, 2010

Rug Update

While I am not making as much progress as I had hoped, this rug is progressing, albeit slowly. The final destination for this rug is the bathroom door at the cottage. Most of the cottages in my area had an outhouse at one time, so I think it will be cute.

I haven't decided if it will be day or dusk in this scene. Corinne at Momz Wool recently took a class on painting wool. So she wants to paint my sky. It sounds cool, but I am having a bit of trouble visualizing the effect. So I have decided to wait until I see the wool and then I'll decide.

I might start hooking the birch tree tonight.


  1. Very nice, Kim. How are you going to do the birch tree? I saw on a site one time, wool for a birch tree but can't remember where.

    Maddy doing well, hope Milly is too!

  2. Julie - Cathy at Orange Sink did a birch tree and there was also one on Gene Sheperds site. But if mine ends up looking weird I'll turn it into a regular tree! LOL

  3. ohhhhh, I am really liking this!!

  4. Hi Kim,
    Love the out house!!! ... When we moved to KY. we had an out house (AMISH) And it stunk! :( Anyway we turned it into the prettiest garden shed ... And it smells better too :)
    Can't wait to see yours completed.