Thursday, April 2, 2015

Still going

I did keep going today with my painting but it took awhile to get going.  Truth be told, this morning I was sore and tired.  Like "old woman" tired.  Lol.  I lingered over several morning coffees and then I decided to go get my groceries.  AKA - anything but paint!  

Then I stopped at the Dollar Store and found this cute little sign (and a few other doo-dads).  Isn't The Dollar Store the greatest place?

Put the groceries away and then grabbed the shovel and tried to break up some of the snow banks so they would melt faster.   Classic procrastination techniques.  Now I was out of chores so I bit the bullet and finished that one wall 

There was still some paint left in the tray so instead of pouring it back in the can I decided to try painting the panelling in the entry to the bathroom.  That old wood panel board really sucks in the paint.  Two coats isn't going to cut it here 

I'll finish this tomorrow.   I also found an old bookshelf on a local facebook swap and sell site.  $10 and it's in great shape.  I might paint it or maybe leave it as is.  Time will tell 
I visited the florist again and bought another little plant.  Mainly because it was in a really cute burlap covered pot.  Perfect for a hooker, wouldn't you say?

I "think" it's a peace lily.  She told me but I forgot by the time I got home.  Well, that's all for today.  Tonight I'm just relaxing with a cold beer, bag of cheesies and the TV.


  1. Glad to see your painting is coming along.

    Happy Easter to you too

  2. The place is looking good and I love that little Love sign. It will eventually look like a new place.
    Happy Easter.

  3. Seems as tho you got your second wind. By any chance did you check with the guy in the paint department to find out if you should put a primer on that wood grain paneling? Could be there is a coating on that which may make your paint peel away in a few months. Before you go to all that work just check that out.

    Don't kill the messenger please.


  4. I bought a bookshelf very much like that one at an antiques mall quite a few years ago. Think I paid $15. So cute and so handy -- love it!

  5. Agree with Saundra that the paneling needs a primer before painting. I learned that the hard way.

  6. Good s to see you still painting, always so nice and fresh it seems. Great looking bookshelf, nice place to keep it. Wishing you a Happy Easter,Francine.

  7. You got so much done today. I think your wall looks great and I love the way that paneling looks painted white. That is going to look awesome. So does your little books case. It all looks so homey and nice.
    I am so glad you have a break and get to play house.

  8. Busy busy you. :) Have a wonderful Easter, Kim

    Janet W

  9. Its looking bright and cheerful so the painting is well worth the effort!
    Bummer about needing a primer, I wouldn't have known that though may have lightly sanded first, may being the operative word mind you!
    We call them Pound Shops over here rather than Dollar Stores and sometimes they do have the cutest things!

  10. You will love your new paint when it is all done. David is painting the ceiling in our bedroom it looks so much better. we are in for more snow on Saturday !!!! Happy Easter

  11. the painting looks good...I've done my paneling with one coat of primer and two of paint...the primer is a must...

    wishing you a joyous weekend...

  12. You are getting so much accomplished in your home. Yeah for you!
    I painted paneling once and it's amazing what a difference it makes.
    Happy, happy Easter :)

  13. The painting looks good. Sometimes you find some really neat stuff at the dollar store!