Sunday, April 19, 2015

I've got the Sunday Night Blues

The weekends just go by far too quickly don't they. I spent most of the day house cleaning or also known as "all the chores I ignored all week".  

I applied another coat of clear wax to the top of the new TV stand.  It will probably be ok to put stuff on top of it by Tuesday night.  I think I could get addicted to this new painted project mode.  I visited my Mom's best friend this morning and I found myself looking at all the wooden furniture in her house and imagining what I could do with it.  Lol

With creativity still coursing through my system I thought it was time to pick up the hooking frame again.  I'm so intimidated by the hit and miss sections of this rug.  I know I'm over-thinking it.  I decided to sort some of the worms in my bag.  Not sure if I thought this might actually help or was just another procrastination technique....

Of course, by the time I finished that it had seriously reduced my hooking time.  Here I go.......

Oh, and another gourmet meal tonight.  That's code for a lazy Sunday supper


  1. Sounds like you had a great day.

  2. Your lazy Sunday supper looks perfect to me...except for the olives.
    I have the Sunday night blues, too. These weekends are just never long enough.
    Hugs :)

  3. It's quite a change for you since you became a home owner. Your DIY projects are impressive... Now that you got the hang of it, no telling what you're gonna tackle next.

    The pizza is definitely a good choice and I do love olives, sorry Lauren.
    It's hard to believe how fast time is slipping away.

  4. That supper is a favorite choice of mine! Looks perfect to me! xo

  5. Hi Kim,
    I laughed when I read how you were looking at all the potential paint projects at your friend's house!! Maybe you have found a whole new career!!! lol
    That poor little guy's face says it all!!!
    One of these days I will join the Rug Hooker's club!! Sigh!
    Your dinner looks wonderful!! I love those kind of meals!!!
    Hope you Monday is a good one!
    Warm Hugs~

  6. Lazy? I think the correct word is yummy! This weekend flew by! I could have had tommorow off but passed on the low census day offer. This is my last week of 4 hour work days. Next week I might be more open to a day off after putting in a full 8 hour day. I hope you have a good week and enjoy the hooking!

  7. I am with you it is Monday morning I am sitting here on the computer wondering how to win the lottery. Love your pizza we had left over Thai last night so I didn't even call it in.
    have a great week.

  8. Looks like my kind of lazy Sunday meal! This DIY stuff gets under your skin and changes your outlook so beware!

  9. I agree ~ hit and miss is a struggle for me!! I also agree on your Sunday supper choice ~ I love pizza!!

  10. I hope you have a nice Monday. That is exciting that you liked painting that T.V. stand so much you started looking at other wood cabinets.
    I have a bunch of kitchen cabinets...Just thinking. :)
    The swimming pool looks very nice, you could just work half days. :)
    I think your dinner looked wonderful.
    Have a great Monday!

  11. Oops, I meant chairs not cabinets at your Mom's friends house.

  12. I agree that weekends go too fast. I seem to spend most of the weekend doing chores. I'm too tired after work to accomplish much during the weeknights. :(

    I think I could eat pizza every night of the week!

  13. I agree, weekends fly by to fast. Yummy, pizza lover.Blessings Francine.