Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I dare you....

I've been having some fun lately teasing sweet Saundra from Woodland Junction.  She is always hooking something wonderful and she is always willing to answer questions and give tips for all our hooking challenges.  And trust me, I have LOTS of hooking related challenges. 

So....when she recently confessed a fear of attempting to hook a beer mug, naturally I jumped all over it.   I had 2 motivations.  First she is funny and I do so enjoy and little twisty back and forth from time to time.  But more importantly, I have NO IDEA how to hook glass, so once she figures it out, she will share.  And how great would it be if I could hook a glass of red wine!!

I'm happy to report she is facing her fear and has started her beer mug.  (Yes, just talking about it makes me thirsty).  Go check it out, she's off to a great start.  So in the spirit of friends facing their fears together I will now share my progress in my first attempt at a hit and miss border.

Sorry for the dark photo but it was night by the time I took this picture.  Darn day job interferes with hooking. Lol.  Plus I figured the poor lighting might hide some of the wonkyness.  It's far from perfect but it's using up some of the leftover worms that collect and it has me hooking again after a long break. 

Ok Saundra, challenge accepted!  :)


  1. You two are too funny!
    Hugs :)

  2. Yes you are too funny :) Spot is lookin' good. Can't wait to see him finished. Going to pop over to Saundra's.

    Have a great Thursday,
    Janet W

  3. I don't think it's easy to "hit and miss" hook. I find it harder than regular hooking. I tend to try too hard and want everything to match.

  4. *****looks great...there is nothing easy about creating an attractive hit or miss portion to the rug. you are doing a great job...but it would help to
    have at least two glasses of wine before starting...makes it much more fun!

  5. good job kim and a great way to use up those pieces.

  6. I too enjoy Saundra's posts. Your border looks great...

  7. Fun project...oh, and it snowed here last night.

  8. It more fun seeing how the two of you are going at each other with the hook fight, haha. It creates a lot of sparks and brightens a dull day.

    Your hit and miss border looks great and seems to fit the happy cat's personality. Thanks for all the laughs this morning.


  9. I agree that border is perfect! It not only suits puss but its fun and sets him off delightfully : )

  10. I'm not a hooker and I'm wondering if hooking glass is a real thing or are you just busting our chops? Anyway, the kitty looks good!

  11. That is very nice rug. Have fun. :)

  12. Love your humor always make me smile.
    Can't wait to hear more about hooking her mug....(?)

  13. I agree with Marie that hit and miss is not as easy as it seems. Also agree with Newburyarts that having two glasses of wine makes everything better. Your border, background and cat looks terrific.

    Thanks for giving me the motivation (determination) to start the challenge.


  14. You can hook me a glass of wine anytime!!! Like your border. Love that cat!!!

  15. A challenge between friends is always fun! Keeps us learning and growing. You girls are making us thirsty. :) Spot looks great!