Friday, April 17, 2015

I spy with my little eye

Something that is green

Something is sprouting up in my front flower beds.  Since I wasn't living here last Spring I'm not sure what it is but I think it's crocuses.  I guess it will be a nice surprise.  As I was walking around the house surveying the winter damage I guess I should clean all the dead leaves from these beds.  Ugh, garden work.  

I also need to address this broken front rail......plow damage.

Before all the snow melted I was kind of hoping maybe I could straighten it up, slap on a little duct tape , and paint over it.  (I'm not kidding, I actually considered it). Lol.  But I guess I will have to suck it up and go to the building supply store and buy new railing materials.  I tried to ignore the peeling paint around all the windows but that will be another spring job.   Ahh the joys of home ownership.  

I'm working on an inside project this weekend.  I'll share it next time.  

Happy weekend all


  1. So happy something green is finally popping up in your little corner of the world!
    Yes, the joys of home ownership...sigh. My house needs painted or sided and I've been avoiding it, but this may be the year I have to deal with it. UGH!
    Hugs :)

  2. That broken rail looks like a job for a carpenter or a handy man. Too bad it got broken but it's difficult sometimes to see what's in the way of the plow. I know, my husband plows and he tears my lawn every years,
    or anything that gets in the way of the big plow.

    It might be some pretty daffodils coming up. My early daffodils that came up before the snow was gone look so terrible now. Hope some of them bloom.
    I hope baby puppy boy is doing well.

  3. I mowed the yard today! We've had so much rain that the grass was insanely thick! However, it's so good to smell that fresh cut lawn and it looks much neater. In a few months I won't be as excited! There's never an end to project with home ownership but you'll feel so proud when you have it all done and can say "Hey, I did that!" Have a good weekend!

  4. Hi Kim, thank goodness we made it through was touch and go there for awhile...We need to find you a single handy man...when you own a home the projects never end...I am so happy you have a new puppy coming to live with...Millie would approve...

  5. Well Spring is coming. I am happy for you. We have lots of nice flowers blooming around the apartment buildings here now. I will have to take more pics and get them on my computer and to my blog soon.

    Enjoy your weekend my friend. :) Janet W

  6. Thrilled for you, you all so deserve those peeking leaf tips!
    You know there's shed loads of peeling paint windows and doors on Pinterest! It's artistic, designer shabby chic and a skew wiff post like that shows this is the home of a snow survivor!
    There's a lot of use in that wood still, I'd still opt for the duct tape but then conceal it with a climbing flower! Buy one ready grown that you can trail round the base there ...... : ) Least when its clattered next year and the next snow plough weather ............youll need not stress so much : )

  7. When you say plow damage, did the snow plow come all the way up in your yard? Yes, home repair sometimes is all we do. I love your little green points coming up. Spring is finally in your neck of the woods! I am doing the happy dance for you!

  8. Yeah, right..... the joys. Hard for me to tell but maybe it is hosta? My crocus look a little different than that when they sprout up but then I don't have dozens in close proximity to one another either.

  9. David does the snow removal here with his tractor when spring comes it looks like someone dropped a bomb. He said it is job security.

  10. Good to hear Spring finally arrived. Always something it seems around a house.Happy Weekend.Blessings Francine.

  11. Could be day lilies..mine are about that height right now!