Wednesday, April 1, 2015

More mess

Chaos reigns supreme here. I look around at the mess and I wonder if it will ever be in order.  I know it will all be worth it but ARRGHH - the mess

At least the walls look fresh and clean. Two coats of "cloud white" are on the walls in this room.  And look....the peach valances are gone!  

And no major casualties.  A bit of paint on my pants and shirt, a few spots on the carpet  (I'm convinced nobody will notice).  I'm not sure what logic I used to not take down the hanging plant.  A decision I would later regret.  I'm pretty sure these leaves are not meant to be variegated .....

Tomorrow I will finish the wall on the other side of the room and maybe even tape off the bedroom walls.  I think there may even be enough paint left to do the little entry to the bathroom that currently has paneling.   I hope I don't lose my steam


  1. Looking good! I know what a mess painting can be..believe me! I hope we get to see the finished product! Good luck and such thing as a "little" project...just big messes!

  2. How brave you are to tackle that painting! Home improvement projects always cause chaos. We're in the midst of major disarray as we've replaced carpet with hardwood and added a built-in shelving unit! Not done yet, but we're getting there. xo Nellie

  3. I think you have done amazing in just one day!!! That is awesome.
    I hope you get as much done as you want too.

  4. Looks good. It is a given that something always gets paint on it that shouldn't. :)

    This reminded me of when I helped paint my room when I was a kid. I decided to get my feet in the paint and put light blue paint foot prints on my dark tile floor. :)

    Don't think anyone else was amused. lol

    Hope you don't run out of steam
    Have fun, Janet W

  5. You can do it, you can do it!!!!! Don't stop, as the restart is soooo hard!

  6. You're doing fantastic and it will look great. I know how messy painting a room can be and I'm the messiest kid when it comes to painting. I get it all over me.
    I once got spray paint all over my new glasses. I went outside so I would not make a mess and the wind shifted. haha. I had to to to the optometrist office to get them to remove the paint from my new plastic lens.


  7. Usually there is as messy period before it gets better. When I used to paint would put my shirt and sweatpants on inside out so the paint would be hidden once clothing washed and reused. That is unless I had something so old and worn that it would be tossed later.

    And I'll bet that steam engine will be revved up once you begin to see how great it looks.