Sunday, April 26, 2015


I spent most of the weekend practicing.  I really wanted to name this post "experimentation" but I was scared it might attract some disappointed people who might Google that word!  And if I'm going to disappoint my followers, it's gonna be on purpose.  Lol

Let's talk food.  And I'm sorry for the lack of pictures but I usually think of it too late.  I've been getting bored with my own cooking and I'm still without a full size oven so that limits me. I decided to try to make something different.  I made my first batch of stuffed peppers. 

This one was a keeper.  Simple but very tasty.  But I had some extra filling left over and realized it's basically the same filling as cabbage rolls.  So, with a bit of overconfidence I went out and bought a cabbage and began.....  I think I need LOTS of practice rolling those darn leaves.  No pictures because honestly, they were the ugliest damn things you've ever seen.  I haven't tasted them as they are meant for later in the week, so they "might" taste ok.  But to look at......just sad.  More like "cabbage loosely flapped" than "cabbage rolls"

Undaunted by this failure I continued.  I have NEVER been able to cook edible ribs.  Fall off the bone?  Mine are more like "try to gnaw your way through leather".  But pork ribs were on sale so I succumbed.  I put them in the slow cooker this morning.  This one gets a C+ grade.   Not a total fail but let's just say I'm glad I wasn't depending on them to feed company. 

I think I'll continue this practice theme in my next post related to my latest rug.  I've learned a few hard lessons on that project too 

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.  To end this weekend I'll share what has sprung up in my backyard flower bed.  So pretty.


  1. Oh I do love stuffed peppers and stuffed cabbage is right up there on my list of foods. We went out for Breakfast and I had a grilled cheese and tomato for dinner.

  2. Ah. The crocuses are blooming. A sure sign of spring at long last.
    Hugs :)

  3. Haven't made stuffed peppers in years and your photo makes me think I might just have them for dinner this week. You say your failure is ribs...mine is gravy. Drives my Mother crazy that I use jar gravy for Thanksgiving. So glad to see that spring has arrived in your yard.

  4. Hi Kim, your food looks yummy. Hope you get a good stove soon.

    Oh such pretty flowers.

    Have a great week my friend, Janet W

  5. I work in food service and still have "not so great" home meals! It's hard to go from cooking for 3000 to cooking for 2. LOL Your bell peppers look wonderful! I love the filling, the peppers not so much. Maybe I'll try the cabbage rolls....Thanks for the idea.

  6. OK, here is where I share what I have learned about ribs in the slow cooker...cook them longer than you think you should to get that falling off the bone action. BBQ sauce and over 7 hours.

  7. Like you said, practice makes perfect. I love stuffed peppers and cabbage rolls and pork ribs too . All yummy food.
    I've got a recipe onYoutube Tutorial for Easy Cabbage Rolls and the recipe is real good and easy to make. I like to use pork instead beef or turkey. The guy shows how to handle those stubborn cabbage easier.

    I used to make little bundles with mine but he just rolls them up.

    I'm so glad you have those pretty little blue crocuses to cheer up your day.
    It's going to be fun seeing other pretty surprises pop up.

  8. You sure do have a way with word m'dear and find myself laughing out loud a lot when I read your blog. The stuffed peppers look delicious; I haven't had those in a while. Also love stuffed cabbage rolls and it's been a long time since I've taken the time to make those too.

    Ah, you were right.... they WERE crocus popping up in your yard.