Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Practicing Part 2 (and a mini rant)

Well, the day started with snow.  It snowed!  Can you believe it? I guess I jinxed it by bragging about my crocuses.   And that was just the beginning.  I'd like to say I'm a little Ray of Sunshine who went through my day burping bubbles and farting rainbows but the truth is by mid morning I wanted to tell anyone who dared look at me to "kiss my arse".  Lol

So that seems like a good introduction for my latest project update. I discovered long ago that some projects are just learning experiences.  I fear poor Spot is destined to just be one of those projects.  I have made rookie mistakes right from the beginning.  

I have learned that hit and miss is more about planning than random.  That's ok, it will prove to be useful in the future.  However, as I worked around the border I discovered it was not even close to straight.  A good lesson is not to quickly draw out a pattern, in a hurry, and in a poorly lit room.  Some of the squares were 2, 3 or even 4 holes off from one end to the other.  Frustrating yes, but a good reminder for the future.  Spot will be wonky and I can live with that (this time)

He won't be a "masterpiece" but I'll love him just the same 


  1. You made me laugh! Have never heard that expression but sure going to use it when the mood strikes. I have a hard time with hit and miss---I want to do more matching then needed. Spot is cute, a whimsical rug to brighten your day.

  2. And there I thought that you had planned your wonky squares. Anybody who can burp bubbles and fart rainbows is entitled to make wonky squares and you know, I kind of like your colorful border. I thought that you were doing it to be different.

    I'm not sure I'd want to be in your path when it snows in your part of the world. Lol. Not sure I'd want to kiss your a--- . Cheer up, It's lot better then being in Napal right now.


  3. I think it looks wonderful and I don't think I would have even know any thing was off, wonky is kind of nice.
    Sorry about the snow.

  4. Oh my goodness...LOL LOL LOL. I've heard the rainbow one before, but REALLY like your sign! There are people in my life that no matter how hard I listen to them, I just don't get it! They have a very specific crazy thing going on. Another favorite, not my circus, not my monkeys. I work in a prison and can use that one almost every day! LOL And your rug is perfect. I agree with Farm Girl, wonky is nice.

  5. No snow but cold enough to here. the wind blowing a gale. hey the pattern I did at Alfred I hate and am thinking of throwing it. I have never felt that way about a rug before.
    hope tomorrow is better.

  6. I missed your last post so I had to go and see part 1~ and I love stuffed peppers and so does my family. Yours look perfect! I'm betting the cabbage will be good too. We had some snow last week but it was just little flurries and none on the ground. I hope yours melts quick too! As for the hooking project, to my untrained eyes it looks fine! I'm no expert of course but I do know that most of my favorite things and people are the imperfect ones...much more interesting! Hope it a good week for you!

  7. The 'S' word is enough to make a person swear! I sure hope we've seen the last of it. It will be May in another day. Now s---in May, right??? We totally bypassed the April showers and are going straight for the flowers, right???

    I like the border on the rug. It looks really nice. I remember reading an article by Karen Kahe where she says hit and miss needs to be 'planned'. Lol! Anyhow, you did good!

  8. but I like the wonky squares!

  9. "burping bubbles and farting rainbows"!!!! ha! ha! ha! haaaa!!!!! Love it! :-)