Monday, April 6, 2015

Gray is fickle

Since I have moved Into this house I have changed my mind on many things.  Furniture has been moved and removed, rooms have changed function, ideas have come and gone but one constant since the day I got here was the upstairs hall and my bedroom were to painted a soft silver gray.

Well, nobody told me what a fickle witch gray could be.  The other evening I put the first coat of paint on the hallway and then went to bed.  In the morning the walls were not gray but instead a pale sky blue.  I'm not a fan of blue to begin with so I was sooo disappointed.  With the natural light of day, the color had completely changed.  It looked fine at night.  Since I only had one coat on and hadn't started the bedroom yet I went back to the paint store and had them mix a darker gray paint.  Now convinced I had outsmarted the blue demon in my paint can I started painting in the bedroom.

Guess what??  Now it's just a darker friggin blue!  At this point I'm heartsick, cranky, tired and fed up.  I decided I would keep going and force myself to live with it for a year.  

I took a couple of pictures to show you and here's an ironic twist........the color in these pictures looks more gray than blue.  Arrghhh

It may not be what I hoped for but at least it's fresh and clean.  

On a more positive home decor note, I found this idea on pinterest for these shelves over the window.  Taadahh!  All I need to do is add a dowel and find a cute piece of fabric to hang 

I know everyone is sick of me whining about the snow but I want to post this pic taken yesterday.  The blog is a great way to look back at other years so I wanted to be able to see Easter Sunday 2015

And it wouldn't be right not to post about the Easter bunny.  Saw him at the grocery store the other day

(I'm sorry but you know I'm a little dark and twisty ). 


  1. Strange how paint looks different at night than in the daytime. Some colors reflects the light in surprising ways.

    I can't believe the price of the rabbit meat. My brothers used to snare wild rabbits when I was young and I loved the meat in a rabbit stew (then) but I don't think I could eat it now. Rabbits were so plentiful and free for the catching .

    I hope you had a Happy Easter.

  2. It is amazing how paint looks a certain color on the sample chip and then when it's on the walls....
    The paint does look gray in the picture. And there are sooo many grays- blue gray, lavender gray, brownish gray, and my least favorite yellow gray. But it is featured in so many decorating magazines these days.

    Hope that snow soon melts! Ours is finally gone so there's hope.

    Haven't seen the Easter bunny in our stores. Zip used to hunt rabbits but they were such a mess to clean up. I hated doing it! After having potpie with hair in it (he-he) he gave up.

  3. Perhaps once you get curtains up and there's less light coming from the windows you will be happier with the color. But like you say, at least it is fresh and clean and bet it will not bother you in a month from now.

  4. Since I am famous for never and I mean never picking the right colors, I feel your pain. I think it looks very nice though. I love the shelves over the windows.
    Poor Peter rabbit, I did raise rabbits for meat when I was a kid so I understand that part. I paid for lots of gas for my car from those bunnies.
    Have a wonderful Monday.

  5. You are so right about those fifty shades...mine is a touch lavender. Not a fan.

  6. Hi Kim, so hard to find the right color, but I like it. Poor bunny, I cannot eat them.Blessings Francine.

  7. My sister painted her spare bedroom & kitchen a light gray and it actually is light gray. I painted my living room a light gray and guess what...yep, I have a blue living room now. I was too tired to go and repaint. I'm horrible with picking out paint, I need my sis to do it for me. She painted her office a dark gray and put in white shelves, desk and trimmed the windows with white. It looks really nice. Maybe I should get the paint type and number of what she used and email it to you.

  8. ewwwwww on the bunny, Gray is fickle I painted my kitchen gray once it looked like an old barroom. I had to change it right away. I had the egg hunt on the hill where all the rocks are and the only place where there was no snow so the kids had to go through the picky bushes to get the eggs.

  9. My goodness...I won't be complaining about the weather here after seeing your snow photo. I painted the bedroom, that we have set up for the grandchildren, a light gray. Different times of day or depending on which lamp is on, the shade always looks different. It has grown on me.

  10. As a kid, my mom would occasionally try to trick my in to eating rabbit. NO THANK YOU!
    So hard to pick paint colors. It sure does look grey in the pics but it's amazing what natural light can do.
    Hope you've enjoyed your extra long weekend.
    Hugs :)

  11. AHHHH! how could you...Travis cover your eyes!!!! LOL

  12. Lol an alternative bunny !!
    That grey is smashing it's going to look brill

  13. ohboy...what a disappointment on the gray paint. I remember years ago wanting a dyed brown wool...amazing how many different browns there, purple, yellow, green...what a time I had with that!

  14. Really on the grey? Wow! I did a dark grey in my master bath a few weeks ago, but I think the darkness helped keep it true to my expectations.

  15. The newly painted walls look great! I am a little insane when I paint. I have been known to bring small cans of paint in several colors home, paint swatches on the wall, and spend a few days deciding on a color. Many of the paint companies even have small jars of some of their biggest sellers which is great.

    I will admit that I have actually eaten rabbit........once. But I have never seen it in a grocery store Eeeewwwww.

  16. It is always so hard to choose a paint color especially when each color comes in a million shades!