Thursday, January 16, 2014

Dusting off my tiara and returning to random

Another week, and I am feeling more like my old self.  Yes, a friend reminded me it's soon time to dust off my tiara and return to my old princess mode.  Lol.  (Well, in my own mind anyway).  

The only glitch this week was picking up a little bug that completely flattened me on Tuesday.  I'll spare you the details but I'm sure you can figure it out.   But I bounced back Wednesday and resumed my random adventures.  And by "adventures" I mean shuffling between work and the hospital.  But I think I'm establishing a good balance.  

The weather has warmed up and the snow is retreating.  Yay!  Now, those of you who live in the cold climates will appreciate this next cartoon someone sent me today after a hilarious discussion a few weeks back about how we neglect certain "chores" in the winter.  

It's funny because IT'S TRUE.  Lol 

Now I'm still deluding myself that I interested in trying yoga.  Not crazy pretzel yoga, but simple stuff.  I know I won't but I can't stop pretending I will.   This is how it will be

Ok, still here?   So clearly not much blog-worthy happened this week.  Well unless you were fascinated by my hairy legs or my hours curled up on the bathroom floor?  Didn't think so.....

I'm hoping to have a rug hooking update for you this weekend.  Stay tuned.


  1. Holy did my selfie of me shaving my legs get on your blog? So embarrassing! I laughed at the tin man cartoon because I suck at yoga. I took a class once and fell asleep at the end and then when the class was over the instructor said she'd "call me" when another class was starting up. That was 15yrs ago...I'm guessing she's not calling. I am taking a "chair yoga" class next week. That will be blog worthy I'm sure! Hey, do you think it should be called "Choga" if it's done in a chair? I'm also hoping I don't fall asleep because I'm sure hitting the floor from the chair is much more embarrassing than falling asleep on a mat. This should be good.

  2. I'm laughing about "dusting off your tiara!" Somehow I don't suspect you are the tiara type.:-) I hope you are having time to take some time for yourself.

  3. Love those cartoons!! So true!

  4. Chuckling also about the Spring Harvest, to funny....glad you dusted off the tiara, that a. Girl, Hugs Francine.

  5. Lots of funny stuff going on here this evening. Anybody who can walk in high heels boots should be able to do yoga no problem, well in their bare feet anyway... hahaha. I for one haven't wore high heels for years. Choga might be what I should try to. lol.

    Where did you get Yaya's picture cutting her tall find the cutesy pictures.
    Glad you're feeling better. There are all kinds of bugs in the hospital and it's probably where you got it.

    Friday tomorrow. Have a good one.

  6. You know what would look great with a tiara right? Right? ;)

  7. You're so funny. I had my "harvest" tonight. Hope Mom is doing much better.

  8. So happy that you are feeling better, my friend. I canceled an appt. at the doctor's this week because there are so many bugs going around her and I didn't want to catch one. Guess I need to do some chores, though :)

  9. I just gotta shave my legs in the tub every morning or when I put on body lotion it feels creepy. I know you are just so happy with that bit of info. I am happy you are feeling more like yourself and sorry about that one ick feeling day! Yogo.. not doing it! Take care Kim!

  10. Oh no not the flu! I am glad you are better and are back to yourself, That is always nice to hear,
    I love your cartoons they make me laugh. I do hope you have a very nice weekend.