Sunday, January 19, 2014

Chairs, smiles, and flowers - Oh My!

These ladies in the front row are a good depiction of our mood today.  It was smiles all around.  Today we had Mom sitting up in a chair for about 2 hours.   You should have seen the huge smile on her face when we took her out of the bed.  But after all these weeks in bed, it seemed to tire her out.  She was snoring loudly when I left.  It was so great to see her out of bed and smiling. 

I have made some progress on my pillow project.  It's the Sassy Sunflower design from Red House Wool Studio.  I've already hooked this once but still love it.  I have a new Red House Wool pattern ready and waiting for this to be finished. 

A little more hooking time and then it's time to settle in - It's Downton night!  I know it's crazy but maybe Anna will wake up and last weeks episode will just have been a bad dream sequence.  Yeah, yeah, not gonna happen


  1. Joy! What a joyful day for you both!

  2. good for her and you!
    lovin' your new design,
    I hated episode 2 (

  3. LOVE that roller coaster pic. Saw it on your (?) FB and it just made me smile. Such good news about mom!!!
    Great start to you sunflower. Have you tried your 8.5 yet? Next you'll be wantin' a 9. Woo hoo!
    Hugs :)

  4. Wheeeeee, so great the flower, Blessings Francine.

  5. That is great news to have your mom pull through like that and sit in a chair for all that time. I'm so glad for all of you. It has been a long stay in bed poor her.

    I've finished hooking my ancient rug and was trying to figure how to finish the edge tonight. Now I can't sleep. I love that sunflower too. It's a great design.

  6. how wonderful you it was a good day all around. Sadly it was not a dream for Anna, I was extremely happy to see Mrs Hews put the run to that lady's maid lord enough of that thank you. love your project I am even hooking in the evenings again after a very long dry spell.

  7. Me, too ~ love your flower! And love the news about your mom's improvement!!

  8. Good news re your Mom! And, I really like your sunflower!

  9. Really good news that your mom is feeling somewhat better and I know seeing her smile is pure joy for you.
    I just want to shake Anna and make her go to the police! She and Mr. Bates are due some easier times.

  10. I know it was great to see your mom sit up and smile.

    Your rug is gorgeous. Love the colors!

  11. So glad your mom was able to sit up and smile! Wonderful news! It's good to read that you're relaxing and enjoying both your pillow and your show too.

  12. Luv'n that Sassy Sunflower!!!!!! Can't wait to see it all complete.


  13. So happy that your mom is doing better. I love the pillow. Downton was great last night. Lots of things to work through. xo Laura

  14. I am so happy that she got to sit up. I bet that was so nice. I love your rug and it looks so nice, you are doing a really nice job, well you always do a really nice job. That one just looks happy.
    Have a great week.

  15. Great news about your Mom Kim! HooRay!!! I like your sunflower too.. :)

  16. Hi Kim,
    Oh so good to hear your Mom is smiling and sitting in a chair! That is always a sure sign of progress! It makes me smile that you're hooking another sassy sunflower! I've really been in a slump and can't decide what to do next.... working on rugs I haven't finished seems so dull.
    I can't figure out that Mary... she should have married that guy... but then I guess the show needs something to keep it stressful!! LOL!!
    Cathy G

  17. Oh wow, so glad to hear your Mom was out of bed. That's great.

    Love your sunflower rug.