Wednesday, July 11, 2012

One of life's great mysteries

Why?  Why is this still happening?  It is 2012 - I don't understand.......
What exactly is the deal with men and socks with sandals??   Just wrong on so many levels.

This morning I arrive at the office and head to the coffee room.  I soon hear 2 co-workers approaching - one male, one female. 

She says "Was your wife home when you got dressed for work?"  (snort)

He says "Well, No - why?"

She says "Uhmm, your feet.  Don't let Kim see you."  (Lol  seriously, she said that)

Naturally I bounce out into the hall to investigate and there he is ..... in socks and sandals!!!  And this is not an older fella.  In fact he is generally a pretty snappy dresser. 

Me:  "What are you thinking??" 

Him: "What?  Is it bad?  (Can't believe he had to ask) 

Me:  "YES take those socks off!!"

Him:  "But they are actually quite comfortable"

Me:  (Horrified and stunned)  "Well, so is going bra-less in a muu-muu but you don't see us doing that at work"

Me again:  "Hurry up and take off those socks.  People will see you and know that you work here.  We will all be tainted by association."

He took off the socks.  Whew!!  Please pass on this information to all the men in your life.....If you think its sexy.....It's NOT.   Not even a little bit.  Lets help end the insanity.


  1. I agree on socks/sandals.

    My boss wore knee high athletic socks with tennis shoes one summer. I told him to never wear that again. So far he has listened to me. It is pretty hard to tell your boss that but we just couldn't stop laughing and I wanted to prevent a future outbreak of the giggles.

  2. Hi Kim, I agree with you, should be a law against socks and sandles, Yuk!!!!! to funny. Blessings Francine.

  3. Oh my HECK!! Too, too, funny!! I think they do it because they have ugly toenails. Either that, or their wives encourage it so they aren't threatened by any other female attentions. Your photos accompanying this post are perfect. Here, here to the sockless wonders of the world! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  4. No bueno. To wear socks with sandals makes you look alternately extra crunchy or like you're about 98 years old. You told him true.

  5. LOL! Aww, poor guy. I do agree though - so not sexy at all!

  6. They must have let the folks at the senior home out for a day. Socks and mumus- yuck! So on one end we have tatoos and piercings. On the other end we have socks with sandals and mumus. HELP! We're stuck in a very weird sandwich!!!:)

  7. So funny!!! I have been out someplace with my husband, and we just stare and laugh. My next favorite is white socks and black shoes in shorts.
    I can't believe that lady said, Don't let Kim see!!! That is a riot. :)

  8. You can always tell the men whose wives have no input into their attire!! What was he thinking?!

  9. OMG! You are always good for a laugh.
    Hugs :)

  10. Love that he was being warned about you! My dad has been wearing retired brown work shoes to the beach every day!

  11. My son (lives out of state) wears socks with his sandals - I think it is a 'fashion statement' of some sort!!! LOL!

  12. as always a good laugh I am not sure what it is with these mem. I am not sure I have ever seen my husband do that. but I would not swear he never would do it.

  13. Ok, I hate feet...don't know why..just do. Maybe it's working in surgery all these years seeing the most disgusting feet..long toenails, junk between toes, cracked heels, diabetic feet...Ok I must stop now because I have made myself all twitchy...really. I say keep the socks on so I don't have to look at feet and I also can get a good laugh which is very healthy.

  14. Hi Kim,

    How funny lol. I know socks and sandals is weird.

    Yaya, cracks me up too. Yuck, she made me twitchy. lol

    You are so funny. Love to visit you here. :)

    Have a great evening and a wonderful Wednesday too.

    Take care, Janet W

  15. Very funny! I'm still trying to get my husband out of old man shorts into something from this decade! Luckily, no socks and sandals though...I can only tackle so much!

  16. Too funny! It's a good thing he wasn't sporting a Hawaiian shirt with a camera around his neck. He will never do that again I'm sure.

  17. OMG, I'm cracking up! I'm SO with you on this! But look at the good least they weren't white socks. PS Did he have a pocket protector??? LOL

  18. That is normal attire in Seattle, LOL!!! Lots of socks and sandals. I don't like it myself, but I see lots of it here. I think some people struggle with... wanting to be current with seasonal fashions but they get cold. Seattle does not have normal seasons... barely any summer. So they combine the two.

  19. My husband had socks on this am and I suggested that he take them off and he did. sandie