Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Chats on the Porch

Again this week I am joining the Farmhouse Chats hosted by  Patrice at Everyday Ruralty.

I abandoned my Sis at the beach tonight.  I battled a headache all day and just couldn't drag myself out to the cottage.  Instead I took a nap.  I feel a little better now so here we go with Patrice's questions

1.  Do you exercise?
Hahahaha,  NO.  I know I should and have tried to get into an exercise routine many many times, but it just fails. 

2.   What's your favorite type of party or get together?
Any kind of get together with family and friends is fine by me.  Good friends, food, laughter - perfect.

3.   What's your favorite kind of melon?
Cantaloupe I suppose.  I even had a tasty cantaloupe and cracked pepper salad recently.  Sounds strange but tasted wonderful.

4.  Do you ever go to a farmers' market?
I love Farmer's Markets.  Everything looks so fresh and colorful.  The trouble is things look so yummy I often buy more than I can eat. 

5.  Would you prefer a series of day trips, or a week's vacation?
Since Mom's illness, day trips seem to be the most practical.  However I am in desperate need of a good relaxing week anywhere sooner than later!   A quiet spot and a few books for a week would be heaven.

Tonight on my way home from work I grabbed the latest Rug Hooking Magazine.  I'm going to flip pages for inspiration. 

Not much progress on the red flower rug.  Just more of the same background.


  1. It just amazes me you can go in a store and pick up a rug hooking magazine. That is so cool. I liked your answers. I think the cantaloupe and cracked pepper salad sounds wonderful. I hope you feel better and you get to rest a bit. I can't wait to see your rug.

  2. The headache sounds like work related stress. Vacation is in order. Time to rare bac k and take a rest. Looking forward to seeing your rug.
    Hope all is well in your end of the swamp! Eloise says she hopes Millie is having a wonderful summer. Love to all.

  3. Sometimes you just have to stop and get rested..hope that headache clears up and you can continue fun times with your friend. Good luck with the rug. I'll look forward to the results! Loved all your answers!

  4. Enjoy your magazine.I find them inspiring too. But I get frustrated - I see so many rugs I want to make - need more time!

  5. Love the cartoon!The cantaloupe salad sound unusual. I feel fortunate if we can squeeze in a day trip. Sometimes just flipping through a new magazine seems like a mini vacation. Have a good week!

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  7. Darned autocorrect !!! When you plan your get-away, come to Ohio and visit me ~ and we'll have DWTS reunion! ~ and we'll hook up a storm!

  8. The cartoon is just too funny! I'll have to save that one for use on my Friday Sillies. ^.^

  9. Cantaloupe and cracked pepper sounds delicious! I always over do it at the Farmer's Market too. I just can't resist!

  10. hope you are feeling better. headaches are so wearing... enjoy your day!

  11. A girl after my own heart, I swear.....Love the cartoon....but I do a few more than five sit-ups each morning. ;o My neighbor recently hooked me on putting salt on my cantaloupe. Yeah - good way to un-healthify a perfectly healthy food - but it truly brings on the sweetness like you wouldn't believe. I'll have to try cracked pepper....I come from a long line of pepper freaks... Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin