Thursday, July 5, 2012

Christmas in July

It was almost as great as Christmas in July.  The other day I was at work when I got a call from home that a package had been delivered.

I asked who it was from and she said it was from California.  Well, could I wait 3 hours until lunch time to find out what goodies were inside??

Hahaha Not likely.  I couldn't stand it so I ran home on my break and grabbed the box.  It was a late birthday box from my friend Kim, the sweet blogger over at My Field of Dreams.

I ripped that bad boy open and just as I started to rifle through it I thought I should take a picture.  (Isn't it funny the way we are always thinking about pictures for our blogs now?)  So before I had unwrapped anything I gently placed things back in the box and snapped this.

It was stuffed full of goodies.  Kim and I sometimes will each get a coffee while we are chatting together on the computer, so she punched me this sweet little mug.

There was also a jar of California sunshine (also known as Kim's own apricot jam).  I have been having it on my breakfast toast.  

 It is so good that I had it hidden way in the back of the refrigerator behind some tall bottles so no one else will eat it.  Isn't that terrible! 

The box also contain several (yes, several) other hand crafted items from Kim.  I will show you those in another post.  She is such a sweet thoughtful person and her kindness has brightened my week!


  1. She is the bestest! What a wonderful package!

  2. Snail mail is the best! How fun and what great goodies...I'm always grabbing my camera now and saying: "Hold on, this is blog worthy!" Merry Christmas!

  3. There's almost nothing better than an unexpected package of goodies from a friend. How nice of her!

    PS - I like to hide my favorite goodies too!

  4. Packages are fun and from friends...nothing better!! Looks like yours was thoughtful and delicious!!

    Thank you for your encouraging comments lately...they keep me going!

  5. Kim ~
    What sweet gifts. Blog buddies really are the bestest.
    Hugs :)

  6. Those are the hooking! So funny that you ran home on your break!

  7. Hi Kim,

    That is so great!! What a sweetie she is. :)Can't wait to see the rest.

    Enjoy your goodies.

    Give Millie a hug from, Auntie Janet :)

    Take care, Janet W

  8. Kim,
    There is nothing better than Christmas in July! Awesome goodies! I'd be hiding that jam too!
    Enjoy those goodies from a sweetheart of a friend!!
    Cathy G

  9. Congrats on your fun gift box! No doubt the jam is amazing-enjoy:@)

  10. Hello, that was so exciting, Christmas in July, very thoughtful, great goodies you got, mmmmm jam. Blessings Francine.

  11. Well Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday!! What fun! Packages in the mail are the best! Sweet little punch piece! Can't wait to see the other hand-dids! Are you telling me we're gonna have to wait to big sis leaves until you post the rest?? :o( Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin