Friday, July 27, 2012


I can't begin to express how much all your sweet comments meant to me regarding my last post.   It was a long stressful week but, as usual, my blog buddies have lifted my spirits.   And yes Julia, you were right - each comment had that effect!

Mom is doing much better today and (knock on wood) we have been "accident" free for the past 24 hours.  That in itself is something to be grateful for.  I am hopeful that if we are careful in the next few days that we can get her system back to normal.

I have had a few new followers recently - - Welcome!  I am so pleased that people read this stuff and comment and come back to visit often.  This little blog has given me more than I could ever imagine.
AND I just realized as I was typing this that I think I missed my blogiversary......yup it was 2 days ago.  Duh!!   I guess I will have to announce a giveaway soon.  (not today, but soon)  Only 4 more followers to get to 175!  Anybody know 4 people??  Lol  - kidding

I am also grateful for my friends outside blog-ville.  This afternoon I met up with 2 great gals for some chatter and a "special" coffee.  Another friend suggested we meet tonight at the local pub for a beer.  It sounded very tempting but I was so hot and tired from the week, that the thought of putting a bra on was too much to bear!  I sent her a text message saying I looked like I fell off a turnip truck.  Attractive, right?  Lol

And the other big "grateful" moment today was selling another rug.  Yes, the red rug has sold before I have even finished binding it.

Wouldn't it be great if they all sold that easily?   Oh and I almost forgot - I won a fabulous giveaway this week from Cobblestone Corner and Grandma's Biscuits blog.  I can't wait to show you when it arrives.  Jody had a very generous giveaway and has a very sweet blog. It was perfect timing too - made me smile.  I hope you all have a happy weekend and stop to remember to be grateful for something each day.

PS - Don't forget to visit Patrice at Everyday Ruralty.  Her Anniversary party continues!!


  1. LOL! Oh I have bra-hating days like that too. I am so glad your mom is doing better! I think sometimes we need the bad weeks, just to make the good weeks that much more special. Grats on the rug sale! You go girl! BTW, what is "special" coffee?

  2. I bet I know what "special" coffee!
    I'm not surprised the rug sold quickly. It is wonderful and the sunflower is hooked perfectly!
    Glad mom seems to be doing better.
    Have a great weekend, bra or not :)

  3. I will email later. :) I think sometimes we need those day or evenings to just veg. It is just nice, as busy as you have been for this month? Gosh you need a break. I am so glad you have such good friends to let your hair down with. I am also glad you sold your rug before it was even bound. They knew a treasure when they saw it. Just like you. Have a lovely, quiet weekend my friend.

  4. So glad your hobby is paying off in many ways! Here, here for your special friends and special coffee!

  5. Oh Kim, I am so glad your spirits were lifted by all the nice people out in the world. I am so happy you won something and sold a rug! Congrats Hugs Cheri

  6. I am so glad that you are feeling better - what you are going thru is so hard! sandie

  7. That rug is beautiful of course it was going to sell!!

  8. That rug is so cool I'm not surprise that it sold so fast! I just read the previous post (I'm a bit behind in reading this week) and I'm so sorry that this time in life is hard for your Mother and for you. I see many of the decisions our patients families have to make when it comes to surgery and other treatments for their parents with Alzheimer's and how difficult those choices are. My heart goes out to them and to you..the real heroes of this world. Enjoy those giveaways! I have won a few and just love the fun that blogging has brought me. I hope your weekend is more restful and you can take some time for you.

  9. kim, congrats on selling your rug! is really pretty and im sure they will love it! wow! 175 followers... i could sign up 4 more times:)im glad you have had a day or 2 of good days with your mom and pray for more! shes very luck to have you and im sure she knows that. i feel like i have fell of the same turnip truck... enjoy your day!

  10. Oh I really this far behind??? So very sorry my dear Kimmers.....don't even know what was going on with your mum..... Congrats on the giveaway win (can't wait to see) - and on the sale of Big Red...Geesh - I didn't even know she was for sale....serves me huh? Hugs ~ Robin