Saturday, July 28, 2012

Meltin' and Hookin'

It is hot and humid.  Humidity should be outlawed.  Nobody even likes it, yet it keeps showing its ugly muggy face around here. 

I felt like Swamp Woman today.  A house with no air conditioning is not a happy place when the muggies invade. I gave Mom ice cream twice this afternoon.  (OK, I had some too)  Desperate times call for desperate measures. 

Also, the bra did not make an appearance today.  I don't expect to see it tomorrow either :)  I don't even dare think of what menopause will be like.  I will not make it through the hot flashes.  I will need to be sedated and locked away until it passes.  Seriously.....this is for everyone else's safety. 

I did manage to finish hooking the 2nd little piece today.  I'm going to make it into a pillow. 

I hate the thought of hand sewing the back onto this pillow but maybe if I start it early in the morning before I'm fully awake I won't even realize what I'm doing.


  1. What a darling little pillow this will make. That one will fly off the Etsy store fast. No wonder you're hot and sweaty, hooking like a woman posessed.

    My hook is cool since I haven't pulled a hoop all summer. Yours must be getting shorter and all worn out by now, hehehe.

    Humidity is worst than the heat and I have a dehumidifier going full time down in the basement and I water my plants with the water I collect since the water from the water softner kills my house plants.

    I would go braless too but I'm afraid it would scare people off as I'm rather lopsided.

    I have no air condidtioner in my house but I bought a bunch of fans at Walmart last year and it does a pretty good job keeping me cool. Those $19.99 jobies. Our house is an open plan and it stays pretty cool but the office is another story.

    I'm off to the shower as I feel sticky and icky.

    I eat lots of icecream too. Shhh, don't tell anyone. Hugs, JB

  2. I love that mat - and where do you live without a/c? sandie

  3. Gad zooks, humidity on top of heat is gruesome. Sorry to hear you're suffering back there. Hope it breaks soon.
    I'm curious as to how you go about putting your mat on a pillow. I think often of hooking some pillows but I have a suspicion they'd never get put on backings. Maybe you'll inspire me to forge ahead. Maybe.

  4. Kim ~
    That is going to be a very sweet pillow!
    Menopause sucks. Ten years of hot flashes and still going strong. UGH! I hear they sometimes never end.
    Pug hugs :)

  5. We have a window unit in the living room and a few fans. Some parts of the house we just avoid until fall. :-) I go braless at hom, but I don't have much to support anyway, ha ha. Love the hooking you did. I have lots of survivors in my family. Stay cool and have a scoop for me. :-)

  6. We had the muggies here for some reason we have had them more than usual. We usually have one or two days. I am sure you don't see them that much.
    I am with you the bra is the first to go.

  7. Great pillow! We have had the hot and humid weather all summer. I can't remember a summer this warm. Today was a gift..cooler but still humid. Anyway, I'm getting used to it..a sure sign that cold weather will be here soon! You're welcome to come to work with me..believe me, in surgery I freeze every day!

  8. Love it!! Yes lots of ice cream funny how it works so well!! Love the rug to!!

  9. Great picture! If it's any consolation, the whole of North America has seen the humid muggy weather this summer, so you're not alone. I'm used to it, living in South Florida. We get this every summer, but at least I've got central a/c (I don't know if I'd survive without it!). I find that going bra-less makes me sweat even more :P.

    Beautiful hooking peace. I love the message! Have a blessed day.

  10. That is really pretty. I like that. Yes, I know we will have it back next week. I just hate it. Out here it is because of Monsoons. Isn't that funny?
    My kids are home so I haven't had a chance to get on the computer. They have lots of stories. :)
    I hope you get your rug bound. I haven't done that yet either just for all of the reasons you mentioned. I can't imagine no air conditioning.

  11. lol! Ya know? I just said that to my dh yesterday morning! With all the sweatin' I do now... menopause should be REAL wild! lol! He did not find the humor in that... It's been swampy here most of the summer too. I would not be a happy camper here if the ac went out. In fact... I'd turn into a dragon lady for sure! You've got some nice hooking going on there! I've always used a bent needle to sew hooking to backing for pillows. Easier on the hands.

  12. NO a/c ~ oh, my! And you passed up beer? I think you need some therapy ~ the heat has definitely gotten to you! I hope sometime you can come visit ~ you deserve some royal treatment, friend!

  13. it is always ugly muggly up here yuk! my back yard has a 6 foot wood fence with vines all over it so i dont get much air flow back there and its terrible. things are buggy and moldy yuk! id like to put a big fan out there. we have a bit of wind but still hot today. i always look like a drench something. so really dont like to go out much unless its early am, once im out a bit it doesnt take long to melt. and my husband use to call it mental pause. i remember him saying isnt this mental pause about over with? and i just had turned like 48! no honey it will be around awhile....i have an old house so do have a window air conditioner otherwise i probley wouldnt ever move and would be found melted on the your lates hooked project! you do a great job and fast! i hope you enjoy your day kim!

  14. Muggy here too, my hair has curled into an afro. It is raining, double wammy. Congratulations on your win, and on the sale of your lovely hooked mat. Hope Auntie and your mom are hanging in, you provide such wonderful care to both. I saw a branch of changing leaves the other day, Fall cannot be far...sending greetings from Maine-hugs, Julie.

  15. I was hoping hot flashes would be more of a "dry heat" out west?! Braless?! I am jealous, as I think I would grow moss without one!

  16. Hello Kim, to hot here to, batting 100, just bring on Fall already, hate this heat and humidity. Love the little mat, sweet, wonderful message. Cool Blessings Francine.

  17. Almost a week later, and we've still got the hot stickies here. They say a 60% chance of rain tomorrow - but the last time we had rain in the forecast it was 80% and we didn't get a drop (and that was so long ago I can't even remember when it was....) I don't mind the heat so much (ummmm, yeah - bring on those hot flashes) - but I'm bone weary from trying to keep up with the watering.... Smiles & Cool Hugs ~ Robin (Bring on the ice cream!)