Saturday, June 19, 2010

Testing 1-2-3

Friday's work day started with a "test" assignment. There are only 3 of us at the office who truly get excited about new technology and gadgets - Corinne, our resident Tech (of course), our CAO, and me. I love taking a new program and going wild finding out all the things it can (or can't) do. So because of that I am usually the first one to get access for a few weeks to learn all the quirks before we un-leash it to the rest of the staff.

In fact, our CAO and I try to find some little trick the other hasn't discovered yet. You know show off!! This particular program is going to be a great tool for the staff. I can't wait until it is rolled out.

The second test of the day was not as pleasant. My darn ipod is not working AGAIN. And it is only a couple of months old. I spent an hour last night trying to charge and sync it. What a pain in the butt. I gave up at 11pm last night out of frustration but will try again later..... when the urge to crush it with a hammer leaves me!

The third and more pleasant test was to take the new macro camera lense for a spin. Another trip to Alice's garden. My only issue is there is no image stabilization feature with this particular lense and after downloaded lots of photos I realized that I will either need a steadier hand or eventually a tripod.
I ended the evening with an invitation to a new Studio/Gallery opening in town. Lots of great inspiration on the walls. I think Meaghan will do very well with her new venture.

The sun is out and the back deck is calling my name. See you later.

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  1. Kim ~
    OH!!! I love the photos you took with your new macro lens. I am jealous of your talent behind the lens :-)
    Pug hugs,