Friday, June 4, 2010

No Vacancy - Get out Mickey!

Yesturday and today the cottage cleaning continued. Cold and rainy so I don't feel guilty about wasting vacation days but the list of repairs is now getting longer. While I was out there yesturday it was very cold and damp. A quick flip of the furnace switch did NOTHING. Drats! I suppose after 3 years it needs some repairs. Then after I finished scrubbing the kitchen floor I went to turn off the kitchen tap and it came off in my hand. Un-friggin believable! I was in a really good mood by this point. Plus I was freezing. The dampness had chilled me to the bone.

There was another nasty little surprise. It appears that I had some unwelcome tenants over the winter. MICE.........oh, I hate mice. There was ample evidence everywhere. My apologies to anyone who thinks they are cute, but I just think they are creepy and dirty.

I get obsessed with it and go crazy cleaning. I just keep thinking....."Did their dirty little feet run across this dish?" or "Did Mickey pee in this cupboard?" LOL I know I'm crazy but I hate the thought of them running over my stuff! The company that produces Mr. Clean, Javex, and Lysol had good profits this week. I've gone through bottles and bottles of the stuff.

I had to change the water in the scrub bucket 3 times while doing the kitchen floor. And the "foaming scrub free" bathroom cleaner I bought was quite a mis-representation. Scrub-free??? I don't think so!!!

Today was a bit better. I had new taps installed and it was not so cold. (Yes, Mr. Handyman is really efficient lately. Hope I didn't just jinx it by saying it out loud) I actually felt like I made progress. The kitchen and bathroom are spotless, Mickey and friends are nowhere to be seen, and I managed to throw out 6 garbage bags of crap. Its funny how when you have a cottage, all the stuff thats no longer good at home ends up at the cottage! Just moving the junk around I guess.

Here is a picture of my little piece of summer paradise. This is a side view. The large window you see on the left wraps around the whole front. Makes a gorgeous view of the river.

The lupins are starting to pop up along the road to the beach. I stopped on the way home to take a few pics to share with you.

They line the road for miles. Its only a shame that they don't last all summer.


  1. Kim ~
    I'm with you on the mice thing. Finding mouse droppings totally freaks me out. A year ago I was battling "mensa" mice. I swear they'd poop 6 inches from the trap and leave the trap alone! Gross.
    The cabin is lovely and the lupine gorgeous. I hope we get a peek inside the cabin some day.
    Pug hugs :)

  2. Wow you really do have the Lupine! They are gorgeous! Your little cabin is so sweet, it's worth all the work and battling the mice. Hope you get a chance to sit and enjoy it now that the work is done! Better leave some traps set just in case!!
    Cathy G

  3. Love your cottage!!! Especially with the wrap around window! All this work will be well worth it when you can sit back and enjoy the cool summer breezes!

  4. I hate mice too. We live in the country, next to 2 grain elevators, so we get lots of them. I find that DeCon works pretty well, but you probably won't find the dead ones. We use traps too, and they work well.

    Your cottage is lovely!

  5. Happy the mice are gone. Pesty little things.
    Your cabin looks so homey and right on the river.
    Oh I wonder if lupine would grow in Missouri. They are just beautiful