Thursday, June 3, 2010

A little ornery today

Today was my Mom's Alzheimer Day-Care. When I picked her up at 3:00pm I was having some difficulty getting her to cooperate. One of the staff came over to help me and whispered "She's a little ornery today". She then elaborated that if she wanted her to sit.....she would stand.....go left - she would go right.

I hate to admit it but I got a strange sense of satisfaction from this comment. I think that alot of caregivers will be able to relate to this. Sometimes when I am struggling with Mom I sometimes think its my fault she won't cooperate. I think maybe its how I am dealing with her. Now - I know its just the disease and this is very common but sometimes it just gets to you.

Most of the time Mom is very well behaved at day-care. This is when my doubt creeps in. Why is she good for them and stubborn for me?? So today's comment was a little silent victory I guess.

Tonight the hair dresser is here to do her hair. She has gotten out from under the dryer 3 times already! ORNERY

Tomorrow i will update you on my cottage cleaning adventure.


  1. That was like a little confirmation that you're alright! I give you so much credit ~ I think Alzheimer's is the most hateful disease. Don't forget to take care of you, too!!

  2. Kim ~
    There is a special little corner in heaven for you (but not for a long, long time)!
    Give mom a hug from me ;-)
    Pug hugs :)