Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fore !!!

Tomorrow is my first golf tournament of the season - and my favorite. Its the very exclusive Employee Golf Extravaganza! LOL But then again, any day you get paid to golf in the sun is a good day!

Employees and associates get together for a great day of golf, ending with a steak barbeque in the clubhouse. "Associates" includes our lawyers, bankers, auditors, and major suppliers.

I've dug my clubs out from the basement, and naturally I put them away without cleaning them. Oh well. And my golf shoes still have some mud and grass caught in the cleats! Geez, I guess I wasn't very concerned about it last fall.

I'm expecting another little side challenge tomorrow too. The Course Marshall (golf police) is a retired gent who I have known for years. Jerry and I always carry on and torment each other over just about anything. Last year he gave me 2 specially marked golf balls at the start of the tournament. I had to play all 18 holes with only those balls and I had to return both to him at the end. I did argue and win a exclusion on hole #7. It has a massive gully just off the tee box and I can almost never get my shot over that sprawling pit. So he agreed. I was doing great until hole #14 when I hit into the tall grass.....(you know - where the SNAKES live!) Forget it - no bet is worth meeting Mr. Slithers.

So I lost and had to pay up. And the stakes were REALLY high......a coffee and a cinnamon bun! LOL But even so, I hate to lose. Maybe I can redeem myself tomorrow??

Wish me luck.


  1. Man oh man... I'd really like to work for your company! They HAVE to be hiring in the NJ area? LOL! Enjoy your golf today! We haven't been out for a round yet... hopefully this fall...

  2. I would love to go on the Golf Day it's sunny today and lots of socalizing to do, O ya right I hate Golf....

    I hope you win the bet, kick ass!! and post your updates.

  3. Hoping the day presents itself with a blue sky and a cool breeze, I'll be rooting you on! Good luck.