Saturday, September 26, 2015

Sweet 1st Saturday of Fall

You know by now I'm dancing in the streets that Fall has arrived.  It's my favourite season.  And the first Saturday was almost perfect.  Sunny, yet cool and crisp.  Happy girl!  This morning I stripped the bed and hung it out on the clothesline.  There is nothing better than white sheets dried on the line on a sunny, breezy day.
That's not my picture but I do love seeing clothes blow on a line.  It's time to add another blanket to the bed and start to cozy up the house.  The only trouble with putting fresh sheets and blankets on the bed is that you just want to crawl back in.  Lol After some housework and Abby's 2nd walk we decided we should relax a little.  Life is hard here ;)
Now it's time for a little snack and some Netflix for awhile
Sweet, sweet Saturday's of Fall


  1. Yup, looks like a hard life to me, lol. So you've forgiven Abby for the near heart attack I see. Glad there is peace in your house once again. I had my bad boy experience with Ben the day leaving for Cape May which was a close second. HUGS.


  2. Great way to spend the 1st Saturday in Autumn! xo

  3. Wonderful way to spend a Fall afternoon.Blessings Francine.

  4. What a perfect Saturday!! I hope you have a equally wonderful Sunday. I hope your weather stays cool and perfect for Autumn, our heat broke just a little. So it will be perfect here. :)

  5. Well it looks like both of you have gotten over the great escape!
    Rainy weekend here and it is now soup weather! Yeah!
    Have a great weekend..

  6. you are so right about the sheets. To slip in to sheets that have been hung on the line is a bit of heaven

  7. I like you snack choice and season choice too!