Monday, September 7, 2015

In the blink of an eye

I can't believe my extra-long weekend is over already.  But I have to say it was a "wicked good " few days off .  The weather was perfect.  Cool mornings and nights, warm sunny days.  Ahhhhh.  Little Miss Abby is still adorable, even when she's bad.  She does great with the house breaking during the day but at night, not so good. In fact tonight she went over to her bed (aka "the scene of the crime" and in a split second she peed in her bed.  And we had just been out 45 minutes earlier and she peed then so this was just mean!  
I could hardly believe my eyes.  And then she gave me this she's sooooo innocent  
Sigh......  In other news I finally did something today I have been saying I was going to do for months. I sold the tv stand that I hated and switched the furniture around again.  My friend says she's never known anyone who moves furniture as much as I do.  Lol.  With the ugly stand gone, I transferred the TV to the dresser I refinished last winter   
And I moved the wooden deacons bench from the back door into the living room.  Now I need to hook some pillows for it.  It may take awhile as Abby will only tolerate short bursts of hooking before she tries to eat whatever I'm working on.   So not much more progress on the rug so far.  
I just want to say how much I appreciate all of you who take the time to leave a comment.  You make me laugh 


  1. Well your blog is highly entertaining. :) I am so glad you posted a picture of the stand for your T.V. It looks very nice. I love moving furniture. It makes it feel like you are living in a new house every time. I am so glad you had a nice long weekend too. I didn't get any thing accomplished that I thought I would too.
    I just love that look on Abbie's face.

  2. My three day weekend passed all too quickly, but I sure could get used to them.
    Good thing God made puppies so dang cute or they'd be in serious trouble.
    Hugs :)

  3. Kim, Abby had been sleeping in bed with you, right?
    When did she get her own bed? Has she slept in it without accidents at all?
    Since I have only cats, I don't know much about dog psychology, but if a cat pees in his/her bed that's saying I don't want to sleep there and I'm unhappy that you expect me to.
    Not sure how to get the bad ideas out of their furry little heads.

  4. I tend to agree with Pat. I was told that normally a dog will not pee in it's own bed. Abby must be very sensitive and feel that she's missing out when she sleeps alone. Oh the joy of training a new puppy.


  5. Sweet innocent little doggie. :) That is unusual I am told. They don't "go" near their beds or eating areas. Hmmm

    Maybe be she is use to being with mama. But she will have to get use to her own bed. And she will. :)

    Having nice cool weather here. I like that. :)

    Take care, Janet W

  6. I am sorry to see the weekend done, though I have NO clue what I did yesterday!! I'm pretty sure I did housework and errands on Saturday. More chores and a bit of shopping today. Sunday? I did a little sewing, but that was only for two hours. What in the world did I do the other twenty-two? LOL Oh, wait, I walked on the treadmill for 40 minutes. Only twenty-one hours and twenty minutes left to remember. LOL

    Miss Abby's innocent look is SO good. She must be practicing when you're not looking. LOL

  7. I wouldn't let my mom drink after 8pm or I would be called all night! I should follow my own rule. Your little sweetie is so adorable.

  8. Well that Abby is a head scratcher for sure why she did it not sure. We are hot and suppose to be hot all week. And yes the time passes to quickly.

  9. I don't think wool is too easily digested.

  10. What is that partially hidden word in your new project? I can see what looks like 'a' then ch before the word day. Now I'm scratching My head. Did I miss a post?

  11. I love to move furniture. When Jack would be gone to Boy Scout camp every summer when our boys were young, I would always have everything rearranged when he returned! They never knew what to expect! I love your dresser/tv stand...good move!

  12. Okay you mean woman you. I'll be the words are "Create Beauty Each Day". I just went to Deanne's site and told her how mean you were.

  13. Unlike you, when I put a piece of furniture down, it usually stays there. Mom says it's my nesting genes. I am happiest when I can walk through my house at night and not bump into anything.
    I have a dog bed and a dog crate. My dogs eat and sleep in their crates, but can also nap during the day in their bed which is close to where I am. Oh, my crate is in my bedroom so they know I'm still close.

  14. Dogs are funny...I do believe they have a got ya gene. My daughter just bought a trash can with a lid for her bathroom as her dachshund was shredding tissues from the old can. The first night when he couldn't get into the new can, he lifted his leg and christened it.

  15. Well at least Abby didn't pee on YOUR bed! 😉

    The TV looks great on the dresser!

  16. What a little stinker!!! but a cute one!!!