Sunday, September 6, 2015

Oh how times have changed

There was a time when the only purchases that excited me this much were shoes or purses.  Nothing gave me a bigger smile than filling my closet.  But yesterday I made a purchase that gave me that same thrill.  (No, it's not wool either).  I now have my very own........drill!  

I can't wait for my next day project.  There will be no stopping me now.  I also upgraded myself to a real toolbox. Up until now all my tools were in a cloth shopping bag, hanging on a nail in my basement.  Lol I'm back on the attempts at cinnamon rolls. I don't think I'll ever get the hang of rolling them.  These taste great but look sad.  
  Abby is not really a fan of rug hooking but during her nap today I was able to start a new little rug.  This is all that's done so far because once she woke up she tried to tear it off the frame.  Eleven days until obedience class starts. (Hope I learn how to be obedient.  Lol)
This post was going to be longer but Abby is in "crazy puppy mode". Every toy she has is collecting by my feet.  I assume that's a hint.  Plus she's scratching the skin off my legs. 


  1. Oh happy drill day!!!!! Way to go Kim....the rolls look great to me, wish I had one now with my coffee.Blessings Francine.

  2. You will make good use of that drill!

    Hugs to Abby!

  3. Let me know the next time you are going to bake cinnamon rolls, and I will come to be your personal cheerleader!:-) They look great to me, and I've baked many of them in the past! It's the taste that's important. xo Nellie

  4. You go girl! I have my own tool box too. the rolls looks great to me.

  5. Graduating to your own tool box is quite an accomplishment but owning your own cordless drill took you to the top of the class.
    Your cinnamon rolls are rustic so take pride in your skills my friend and if not send them on out to all your blogger buddies.

  6. I have drill envy. I have so many tools but I've been wanting a drill of my own. I could also use a cinnamon roll to go with my coffee.

  7. That is a very nice drill. I will admit to loving the tool section and wishing I could own every thing there. I showed Ron and he said, " Nice!!!" I am so impressed you bought a tool box too.
    That is cute that Abbie wants you to play and not hook. Funny ole puppy.
    I hope you get to hook a bit more.

  8. Good morning, Kim. I got my own tool box for Christmas after my husband caught me using his body hammer to pound nails into the wall. LOL And the next year, I picked out my own drill. Happy me!!

  9. Ben starts getting his toys out and squeaking them when he wants attention too. Or another move which tears at my heart strings is he will sit in front of me very handsome like and lift his paw to my leg as if saying 'please mommy, pay attention to me'.

    Now I've a personal question... when you bend over would we see a carpenter's crack, lol? Sorry, my bad.

  10. Well I don't have my own drill but I do have my own tool box with my own hammer etc. Lucky you to have your own drill. I have to borrow my hubs.
    Do we really train our dogs or do they train us? Most of the time I think we are the ones that are trained.

  11. Saundra, you are so bad. Let Kim enjoy having her very own drill. I assume it is cordless and can run any other tools she will need. Since my hands started to act up so much, I have been banned from using any kind of tool. There are rumors I might hurt someone besides me.

  12. One can never have too many tools! Congrats on the new drill! The things you can do now with that baby!!
    Your rug looks good so far Kim... Hope in time Abby will enjoy rug hooking ... she sure is a sweet little pup!
    Cathy G

  13. Congrats on your new toy!!! You have taken to home ownership like a fish to water.
    Great start on your new rug.
    Hugs :)

  14. Cool new toy....sound like Abby wants to play with mama. Have fun :)

    Great drill!

    Take care, Janet w