Monday, September 14, 2015

Chunky and Fit

We are back from the vet.  Abby once again was a superstar.  No fear, no fussing, not a squirm or whimper as she got her needle.  She tried to visit and give kisses to whoever was near.   She's such a sweetheart.  And she really is a chunky monkey.  She weighed in at a whopping 7.7 pounds!  Geez, she's only 4 months old so she still has lots of growing to do.  Compared to Millie she's going to seem like a giant to me.  
Today's mail finally delivered my Fitbit.  I'm anxious to start using it and see how it works.  It has a sleep tracker on it so that really interests me.  
Does anyone have one??  Do you use it?  Anyone........  I sit at a desk a lot so I will probably be disappointed with my counts but I'll give it a go.  It was a busy evening so I haven't prepped my rug for binding.  Another night 


  1. I have one and I am ADDICTED!!! I love it. I bet I check it ten times a day.

  2. I'm not a bit fit so have no idea how a fit bit works. My Lab used to claw into the blacktop and leave marks as we drug her into the vet's.

  3. Your chunky monkey is just too cute!
    I was just asking my friend about her Fitbit. She has the Garmin brand and likes it but says it's really hard to get in 10,000 steps!
    Hugs :)

  4. Husband has one and never uses it I think I may have to take it.

  5. Sweet Abby :) Gettin' to be a big girl.

    Have fun with the fit bit.

    Have a great day
    Take care, Janet

  6. I want a fitbit but can't wear the wrist one because I work in surgery and scrub so I can't have any jewelry on my hands or wrist. They make one that clips on so I'm looking into that. I wear a pedometer and I've been trying to get my 10,000 steps in but it's hard. I don't sit at a desk but I stand all day at the operating table....better than sitting but I have to get creative to get my steps in. Walking everyday in the cemetery helps! I've mapped out about 21/2 miles and working up to 3 or 4 hopefully! Abby is adorable and I'm glad she's very healthy! Walk with her and you'll get fit!...bit or no bit!

  7. Yes I have one and got mine mainly to see if I was getting adequate sleep. Haven't docked it lately since I have no computer with a USB port. You can friend me and see my lack or walking this weekend and week. I like mine but had a problem with some of them breaking at that mold change. Fit bit replaced them free of charge.

    1. Me, too, Saundra ~ mine quit registering to the computer but they did replace it. I track my sleep as well and it's not pretty! I always say I'm not a good sleeper and this confirms it!!!

  8. Whatever you are doing for Miss Abby must be right!:-) No Fitbit here. It would probably malfunction from lack of use!:-)

  9. Miss Abby is just adorable and such good company...Winslow Homer was always naughty in the vet's waiting room (barking) but, once in the the exam room a perfect your latest hooked mat...I do not own a Fitbit, but my brother and sister-in-law swear by theirs...

  10. I have a fitbit too. I LOVE it! Mine tracks my sleep, or lack of sleep too. I love how it tracks everything on my cell phone app! My daughter in law is constantly checking up on me but I do an average of 10,000 steps & I'm good...sadly I reach that before getting home from work & poor Sophie doesn't get her doggie walk!!! If you have a smart phone, you have to check out the app!!!