Thursday, September 3, 2015

Rip and Tear

I wish I could say I was ripping and tearing wool but instead I took out some frustration on the front flower beds.  Well, you could technically call them flower beds but the more appropriate description would be weed beds.   I'm not a gardener, I don't enjoy it one little bit which was sadly reflected in the front of my house.  So I just started ripping stuff out. It was quite therapeutic actually.  


I had to stop for 2 reasons.  One, I had filled to compost bin to capacity and secondly, I found the dead rose bushes.  Those gardening gloves and no protection when you grab on to a thorny branch.  Ouch!  I did feel bad about the rose bushes.  The weight of the snow and ice broke them pretty badly and I didn't think they would survive. I was right. 

I also managed to annoy Miss Abby this morning .  Potty training isn't going as well as I had hoped.  She has a fondness for sneaking into the den and dining room.  I decided enough was enough.  I steam cleaned those carpets this morning and blocked off those rooms.  She is not impressed.  Haha


I hope she makes some progress soon.  People keep saying be patient but..........  On the bright side, no dragon fly deaths today 😀


  1. Babies! We used our vet's advice and took her outside after each meal and water slurping. Didn't come back in until she went. Not pleasant in the winter which is when we got her. Abby is just too cute.

  2. You know I really don't like weeding, but I sure like it when it is done. My flowerbed are just atrocious. Maybe this weekend if it stay cooler. I agree it is so therapeutic to tear things out. Poor Abbie, I just love that picture.

  3. OUCH!! I have felt that before. Poor Abby....poor You. Our Downy is a maltese a little dog. She seems to need to go about 2 hours after she eats. We try to be on a schedule but she doesn't cooperate sometimes.

    I know being patient is a hard thing.I am NOT a patient person. But she will get used to a routine. :) Hang in there.

    YAYYYY for the dragon flies LOL
    Take care, Janet W

  4. a friend of mine hangs a bell on her door so the dog rings the bell. You will be so happy with the flowers when they are cleaned out.

  5. Miss Abby is so dang adorable!!! I so miss that puppy stage! Luckily, with my Sophie, she didn't have much trouble potty training. We gated her off from the rest of the house to just the kitchen space which had the mud room connected to her access to outside...but i agree with Marly, I had to be constantly be taking her outside to potty!!!! Now she just sits at the door waiting to be taken out when she has to go. It's allot of work, but Abby will figure it out....

  6. I guess it is like potty training a child, eventually they get it but they do call it "training' for a reason. Think walking a certain time after a meal and be consistent. Good luck; she'll get it one of these days.

  7. At least she's little and her messes can't be too huge!

  8. OMG. The dragon fly post made me laugh.
    Try to be patient. She's still very much a puppy - and will be for a LONG time.
    Hugs :)

  9. Patience, patience. Take her out when she first wakes, then after eating, then about 2 hours later, then two more hours after that (see the pattern) Take out right after dinner and twice before bed. Whenever she does it where she should, praise the heck out of her. Also helps if you have one spot where you want her to go every time and take her there. No pats or going back in until she does her business. You will have her house trained before the snow falls.

  10. Hi Kim, I would love to come garden with you! I just read Miccosukee reply to your post...Lets see who becomes potty trained first before the snow flies...Travis Lloyd or money is on Abby...she is adorable...hang in...Sending hugs from Maine, Julie...

  11. Oh yes, the joys of potty training. Try those pads for the floor. And of course, as everyone said, be diligent. There is always a kennel time out when accidents occur! She's a cutie! I hate weeds!

  12. I hate weeding flower beds too. I know I should like it more but darn it's a lot of work. haha I do love love beautiful flowers though.
    Your sweet adorable Abby is a doll but I know it's a pain when they will not do their business outside where there are no rugs or carpet. I have a cat if she gets mad at me for no apparent reason she will pee on the rug. Mostly though she uses the toilet. She trained herself. My Tinkerbell just looks at her like what the heck. She doesn't flush though. haha
    Hope your well. I am having a good day so I am trying to take advantage of it and visit some friends and I actually even posted. I enjoyed doing it and coming by here.