Tuesday, April 1, 2014

No Joke

It's not an April Fools Joke.  It's snowing.  I don't know whether to say it's snowing "again" or it's "still" snowing.   It just keeps coming and coming.  

Many businesses closed "again".  Our office closed after lunch.  An unplanned afternoon off isn't bad, it's just the reason for it that is bad.   

How about some red velvet cookies and special coffee?

A little more hooking too.  And then a nap seemed like a good idea.  I went to sleep dreaming of Spring.  Hellooooo........where are you??

Miss Millie was not so cheery when she woke up from her nap.  Seems her blankie got stuck to her bottom and she was not impressed.  

That crooked little face just stared at me until I removed the pesky blankie.   What a dog!!


  1. Oh, I see a sheep! I keep hoping you will post to tell us the snow has STOPPED, but until then at least you get the afternoon off! ;)

  2. I hate to think of more snow. Your little sheep is so cute lets see more.

  3. She is so cute with that face. I hope your snow all passes by quickly. Your sheep is going to be lovely.

  4. Nice image to stop the snow! Her blanket is nice for her. She looks cute with that face!

  5. OMG! That first pic is hysterical! I can relate! ;-) Your little sheep is so fluffy! Love it! Millie is cute too... I bet it wasn't long before she was back under that blankie!

  6. Awww Millie, a long overdue picture. Too funny... her blankie stuck to her butts. hahaha. Bet those red cookies turned your tongue red. Go out there and stick your tongue at Old Man Winter.
    Your mystery rug is starting to look like there's a sheep in it..


  7. And like any good parent, you took a picture before you helped her!

  8. We FINALLY had two days of spring. I think it is over but at least no snow.
    Sweet Millie. I think she's giving you the stink eye.
    Hugs :)

  9. Ummmmm the cookies look yummy. love your sheep project

  10. The blanket isn't the only thing wrapped around something...looks like Millie has you wrapped around her little paw! Too cute! I'm so sorry about the snow. We've had a few nice days this week but next week they're calling for snow again...I've really had it too! Hope Spring finally gets there!

  11. Love those red velvet cookies, Kim. Thanks for following my blog!

  12. Was just here catching up ~ so cute to see Miss Millie ! :)))