Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Melting, mystery, and munching

It's hard to believe we are well into April and I'm still talking about melting snow.  Even after a few days of mild temps and heavy rain I still cannot see my front lawn.  And just forget about the back lawn.  Still heavily blanketed in white.  Not sure if the tulips will eventually bloom or they have just given up!  I expect to see a small white surrender flag poking out of the ground. Lol

Last night I finished my mystery pattern of the month from Deanne Fitzpatricks studio.  Three sheep in a field of poppies.  Loved it.  The colors are off because of the flash but you get the idea 

I finished this one too early. Now I have to wait until the end of the month to find out the next pattern.  And you all know how impatient I am........(sigh).   But in the meantime, I have a chicken plan!  Stay tuned

I have had a few request for the recipe for the monkey bread muffins.  Here is the link 

They were easy and delicious.  I didn't make the frosting and they really didn't need it.  The caramel sauce was sweet enough without frosting.  

Not much else blog worthy this early in the work week.  Now to finish the design of the next project.  Tonight visions of sharpie markers will dance in my head 


  1. well isn't that a darling pattern. What a great idea to get a new pattern each month.
    I still can't see our yards either but each day something new is uncovered like plant pots.

  2. Don't despair...I really thought we would never see the ground again here in Michigan and it happened barely a couple weeks ago! I'm still fascinated by the hooking, and do you actually draw free hand your designs!? Very talented!

  3. It took a couple of good rains and a few days of 40, but the ground is, well it isn't green, more of a smushed brownish matted down chartreuse? Love the sheep...you could use the extra time in the month to bind it...I know how you LOVE that part...lol

  4. Morning Kim, finally melting here, but still tons of snow. Love your rug, beautiful, Blessings Francine.

  5. Love the sheep in the field of flowers! I wasn't going to tell you but we have a bit of green in the yard but went down to freezing last night! Winter won't go away!

  6. I love that rug, I can see why you finished it so fast. It is just so full of spring.
    I do hope you have lots of neat visions for rugs. I think I hooked so much before my eye surgery, I am having such a hard time picking up my hook again, or it could be the heat. I am trying not to complain with all of that snow in your back yard. I would though gladly trade, Have a very nice day.

  7. I'm glad to hear you are having some melting, finally. Love that rug! I'll have to try the recipe! Those muffins certainly looked tasty! xo

  8. Spring is here too and the mountain is starting to pare down. Love the sheep rug. Very pretty.

  9. I like those sheep, how cute.

    Sorry your snow is melting so slowly. No snow here but its not very warm either.

  10. Oh my... those muffins!! Your sheep rug is very cute and cheerful. Sorry about your snow - it's 90+ degrees here today, and then at the end of the week we're supposed to have "scattered drizzles." Whatever that means. California is bipolar at times.

  11. Your sheep rug is very nice! We had heavy rains that finally melted the snow, of course then it flooded because the ground was so saturated. Our hay fields are in the flood plain, and they are a lake!