Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter recap

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend, filled with family, friends and of course, chocolate.  We spent a relatively quiet weekend but managed a little of all of the above.  It was different but enjoyable.

Last week was difficult for us.  We are working through our "firsts" without Mom.  Her birthday was last week.  It was the day I think I finally cracked and let all the bottled up emotions out.  Actually it took me a few days to really recover.  But I hadn't had a true meltdown since Moms funeral so I was probably a needed crash. 

So I decided to go easy on myself for Easter.  Not a lot of fuss, just a quiet weekend.  I found it quite therapeutic to sit at my frame and just quietly create.  And I managed to finish 2 small rugs.  (Binding and all)

Here is the results - "Early Bird" a Lori Brechlin, Notforgotten Farm design.

And a fun little penny rug.  I really enjoyed hooking this and using some of my stash worms.  

They are both listed in my Etsy store.  See the link on my sidebar - PleasantHillStudios.

Today it's spring cleaning in the closet.  All the winter sweaters and now put away out of sight and all the spring - summer stuff is making its way through the washing machine and back on the shelves or hangers.   My only issue with this time of year is footwear.  I have tons of boots and sandals but not much for this time of year.   I'm trying to resist shoe shopping and hoping the I will wake up and sandal season will be here.  A girl can dream, can't she?


  1. I am so glad had a nice day. I worried about you. I was glad to see that you got so much hooking done.
    Grief is such a hard thing. I am glad you were able to let some of it out.
    Have fun getting ready for spring. Shopping for shoes is always therapeutic.
    Have a wonderful Monday.

  2. I was just talking shoes today with a co-worker. I was saying almost the same thing you were for spring. But I also need something I can walk in that won't make my dumb knee feel worse as I tromp across the hospital's 1/4 mile from the parking lot to the front door! Flip flops are not it! Hope you have a better week. I'm sorry you have to go through those "firsts"...hugs to you Kim!. The rugs look great! Love the worm in the robin's mouth!

  3. I felt so bad when we happened to be emailing on your mom's birthday... I hear the firsts are hard, but you are stronger than you may think, and I admire your level headedness even through these hard firsts. I know I've already said it, but you are really on a hooking roll!! (Glad you found me on FB, too!)

  4. Putting away the sweaters? You are the!
    Great hooking.
    Glad the difficult week is behind you.
    Hugs :)

  5. Grief is like a roller coaster and sometimes it hits hard. I'm glad that you are hooking again and I love your penny rug. I love the relaxing colors and you used up some excess worms.


  6. I am so sorry you had such a hard time but it sounds lovely to sit and hook for the weekend. Your rugs are wonderful.

  7. I send along hugs to you. The rugs are great! xo Nellie

  8. *****you may be going to that red sox game sooner than you think...starting
    in may there will be a high speed line from nova scotia to boston. the nova star cruises is the company and it starts on may 15th...and if you come, kathy from acron hollow is lots of fun and very lovely. happy cruising on the atlantic!!! tom


  9. The first year is the hardest without your Mother, KIm. It was good to have that cry and let it all out.
    Love your new rugs. I have the penny rug pattern. Maybe I'll tackle it next Winter!

  10. Morning Kim, I agree, the first holiday is so hard. Sometimes letting it all out does a body good.......Love that Spring rug, so sweet, Hugs Francine.

  11. Glad you could finally have a meltdown. It will help you to move one.

    Love love how the penny rug turned out.

  12. Love both your hooked pieces!! And of all people, YOU are entitled to a meltdown! Hope you're feeling better!!

  13. I think you deserve a pair of spring shoes! Hope that the tears helped the healing begin a bit more...xoxox

  14. The tears and meltdowns will hopefully help heal the pain.
    I love the hooked penny rug! Very nice!

  15. I am sorry about your mom. I have been there myself and know that time does heal...just be patient. The bird rug is so cute...makes me eager for nice weather. Go out and buy yourself a new pair of shoes...couldn't hurt :)