Saturday, April 26, 2014

I'm not that kind of girl

You know, those kind of fancy girls who have "dinner at 8"........

Well, I'm not that kind of girl!  I'm the kind of girl who needs to feed her face between 5 and 6pm or else I get hangry.  You know hangry......hungry plus angry!  Lol.  Not really angry but grumpy maybe. I was having supper with an old friend last night.  We have been trying to get together for months but our schedules never matched.  You wouldn't think it would be so hard for 2 people without busy social lives!  We were supposed to meet at 7pm and just before then she called and was stuck late at work and it wouldn't be until 8pm now.  

8:00pm.......I was almost ready to chew my own arm off!  But we had a nice catch-up and a great dinner (even though I was on the verge of hangry), and a little wine :) 

I started a new little project tonight.  It's a Karen Kahle pattern "Hideaway House"

Another great little project to reduce the worm stash.  I think I can finish it without cutting a single strip. It's a small pattern 13x13 so it should hook up quickly.  

It felt like Spring today.  Yippee!!   Happy weekend and happy hooking


  1. 8:00 dinner! I am having my post dinner hungries by then!

  2. Too late to eat I would have been starving,love the pattern Kim.

  3. I am like that too Kim... by 8:00 I would be fainting!! Have always loved that KK pattern.... You will have fun with all the color possibilities!
    It's still chilly here and a few patches of snow left.... but the grass is getting green...
    Happy weekend of hooking!!
    Cathy G

  4. Love the pattern, I am with you I eat between 5 and 6 because if I get really hungry back away. I am trying to lose weight right now so I could chew my arm off.

  5. Starvation isn't my thing either! Ha-ha! Glad you had a good time in spite of the late hour.
    Love the rug pattern. Can't wait to see what colors you use.

  6. I hate eating gives me bad dreams! I'm a 5-6 gal too. I'm really ready for dinner after work around 4! That's my worst time to eat something bad...right before I start making dinner. My hubby gets that "hangry" thing going and so does my youngest son. (not mean...just don't ask any complicated questions or problems until after the meal! Ha!)

  7. That looks like a fun pattern to hook. I love it all. I don't do late dinners either. We had to go out to dinner with a work related bunch of people. I was like you, I thought I would go crazy by the time we finally got to eat.
    I hope you have a fun day hooking.

  8. Because of work I usually eat between 6 and 7. I don't like eating late either, especially a heavy meal. For that reason, my biggest meal of the day is at noon. If we have to eat late on occasion, I'll eat a little something just to tie me over. I don't do very well on an empty belly either.

    That looks like a fun rug.

  9. Girl after my own heart, have to put the feed bag on around 5:30. Love the hooking project your working on, Francine.