Thursday, April 24, 2014

If I had a brain....

Now a sensible person, who is creeping towards the latter part of her 40's, and is sort of living with a pre-menopausal middle-age spread (also know as muffin top, or thunder thighs, or cankles) should realize that Spring is the time for certain activities.  Activities that involve preparing somewhat for the approaching season of lighter, less bulky clothes, bare legs and arms etc.  

A sensible person wouldn't be attending events in late April that are called "Death by Dessert"!   But then again, when have I ever been sensible.   Last night a friend and I went to a Death by Dessert and Auction fundraiser. 

There was a great selection of auction items 

And some other stuff.....

Note the "creepy dolls"....... Our table (and several others) referred to them as Chuckie's Friends.  Like clowns, I firmly believe these dolls have the potential to come to life in the night and kill you in your sleep.  There were lots of funny comments and the Auctioneer almost broke a sweat trying to unload these babies.  It was on the verge of begging!  Finally one lady placed a small "pity bid" just so we could move on.  

And so we didn't lose energy in between bidding, samples of different desserts were served throughout the evening. 

It started with a bowl of a variety of chocolate barks. There was homemade toffee, root beer floats, pumpkin tarts and this.......

Candied Bacon........OMG, I am making an entire pan of this!!  Cholesterol and calories be damned - this is incredible!

So this leads me to a twisted reasoning path.....based on the weather this evening I don't have to worry about summer clothes for awhile yet.  This pic was taken at supper time

It's April 24th and the ground is white!  It's just so wrong.....


  1. See you are looking at the bright side, warmer clothes and lots of good desserts. So candied bacon is good?
    You make me a laugh about those dolls. It does look like there was so good things to bid on of course minus the clowns oops I mean dolls. :)

  2. Death by Dessert......hmmmmmm may as well live dangerously.

    Please share recipe for bacon.

  3. Creepy dolls right before I Ho to bed is not good :-) death by desert , oh my, what a way to go. Crappy white on the ground again, the winter that never ends, Francine.

  4. Oh that all looks so yummy I am trying to lose some weight now as I stepped on the scales and they groaned. The wind has blown a gale today and it is cold but no snow.

  5. Your philanthropy knows no HAD to go to the auction, you are a supportive giver! ;)

  6. Snow you poor things. It looked like fun. Cheri

  7. Your post made me laugh !!
    That piece of bacon is calling my name ;)
    I throw bacon strips in a bag with brown sugar, toss them around so they are well coated and then place them on a jelly roll pan in the oven. To heaven and back good !!

  8. That's not snow... that's a powdered sugar halucination brought on by ingesting copious amounts of candied bacon! ;-) lol!

  9. Looks like a good time...and great food!!!

  10. Oh fun and yum! The bacon looks and sounds way too good.. We finely got rid of our snow altho ice still under leaves ect.. Soon the sun will come with warmth.. I keep hoping anyway! Enjoy your weekend Kim!

  11. Kim, a girl had to support these kinds of events no matter what. Don't you have one of those thingies that you can wiggle into makes you slim even after eating all those fabulous deserts?
    I must say that I've never heard of candied bacon although I have tasted maple flavoured bacon.

    We had lots of rain and a sprinkle of snow. The water levels are up again and it's over both lanes for the second time. There are 75 roads that have washed out in N.B. so that is gonna cost a lot to repair.


  12. Spring IS on it's way! It hasn't snowed in the past week here in PA so it will slowly be making it's way north.
    Candied bacon! Yum!!! Chocolate covered bacon is good too! And bacon ice cream! It ain't just for breakfast anymore!

  13. Oh I wish I hadn't seen that bacon! Tremendous isn't it? I wouldn't trust the dolls either.

  14. Candied bacon? Now that sounds strange. The choco bark - YUM!
    White crap, white crap,
    Go away....and
    NEVER come back.
    Enough already!

  15. If it's wrong, then I'm guilty, but I'd love to go to a Death by Desserts night. Candied bacon - good on ice cream? I think so!!

  16. We have a similar event but for the life of me I can't think of it's name...anyway, I didn't get to go or I would have blogged about it too! Somehow, I have no recollection of how, I have 2 creepy dolls in a closet..deep in the closet. Maybe they need to go to your auction! Or our Creepy Woods! I have heard and even tasted and even made..chocolate covered bacon. Pair that with yours and I'm betting it would be a super hit! Have a great sorry about the &*^% snow!

  17. Loved this post! I was just talking last night about the approaching bare arms and legs season! Oh for the good ole days when I could wear whatever I wanted!

  18. Did it seriously just snow ON the car? That's totally what it looks like! And candied bacon? Umm, yes please! ;)