Sunday, April 13, 2014

Beyond the purple feet

I'm not ready to show you the rest of what's above the purple feet from my last post.  It needs a little more tweaking.  But I am working around it and working a little outside my usual comfort zone.

I hooked more last night and today than I have in a long time. (That's code for I didn't do many chores today) 

Another feature to this piece is the use of some of Deanne's latest discovery - sexy jersey for hooking!

She has it dyed in beautiful colors and it is so soft and stretchy.  You can but it in large pieces or a large bag of smaller ends like this 

When she first showed it to me, I was hesitant - but not anymore.  It is wonderful for hooking.  Here's a close up 

Deanne has a wonderful video on her web page introducing the "sexy jersey".  There is also a great recommendation from Bridget.  Trust me......go and watch this video

And then go order yourself some sexy jersey!


  1. I went grocery shopping and then did some laundry and have hooked the rest of the evening here is to hooking the day away!
    love the sexy jersey video.

  2. I wondered what it was to work with. It looks very pretty in the rug.
    Yes, I have watched that video 3 times. ;)

  3. Evening Kim, neat will go and watch it, Francine.

  4. Loving the colors you are using in this piece !

  5. OMGOSH! Awesome!!! There are some things you just can't unsee ... and THAT would be one of them!!! lol!

  6. Oh Kim, I'm loving what you're hooking, so very beautiful colors and lucky you ... hooking some sexy jersey into your rug... I saw Deane's video and what a fun girl she is. Is that her husband disguised in sexy jersey outfit? lol...

    Have yourself a great week.

  7. The colors in this piece are lovely...

  8. Man you are hooking up a storm Kim! It looks so dang cute. We are gonna have a problem.. :)

  9. Nice to see that someone is getting some hooking in.... Love the colors! Im going to check out this video! Enjoy your day Kim!

  10. I'm not sure if I googled "sexy jersey" I would get the same video...hmmm...