Sunday, December 1, 2013


I guess the holidays are officially here!  It's now December and we awoke to a white ground cover.  Not much, less than an inch but it stuck around.  I'm sure lots of Christmas trees went up today.  Not mine - I will wait until next weekend.

This afternoon I preferred sparks to holiday lights.  The sparks were flying off the hook!  I am happy to report I hooked for almost all afternoon.   Here's a peek

There is more finished off to the right but I didn't want to move it off the frame again.   I'm happy with it so far.  Once I get the top portion completed I need to make a decision.  The person who ordered this rug was hoping I could add the family name to it.  You know how much I "love" hooking letters!  Ugh.  I told him I would think about it but didn't promise anything.  

So I ask you think I can add a name to the bottom or will it throw the balance of the rug off??

I will take another pic the next time I move the frame and maybe then we can see if it will work.  
I hope you all had a nice weekend.  I'll be visiting you later (when I give my wrist a break) 


  1. You have been very productive, Kim! Nice work! I'm not qualified to give any opinion regarding the name addition.

  2. I don't like letters either!!! But would need to,see the entire rug to know if there is room! You probably already k ow the answer!!

  3. Love the rug, but I, too, don't like hooking letters.
    Hugs :)

  4. Well, I think it would look good with letters on it. I do know though, that letters still give me shivers. I like them though. Very pretty rugs I really like the colors.

  5. It's hard for me to tell Kim since I haven't done any hooking. Hopefully your rug hooker buddies can advise. I sure will be lovely when done though.

  6. The rug is going to be beautiful! Lovely colors!

  7. The rug looks beautiful. I'm not a hooker but I hate doing something that makes me crazy so I'm going for "no" for the letters!

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  9. Shaping up to be a very festive pretty rug! I tried to hook once, I can't imagine doing letters!

  10. Kim. you are doing really well with the hooking speed. I can imagine the sparks flying.

    I don't mind hooking letters but I only hooked some letters on my Sunshine Rooster rug. I wish that I knew the trick to hook neat letters before I made that rug. They would stand out more.

    I read an article somewhere and I think that it was in an older Rug Hooking magazine that you hook the letters first and after the background is done, you unhook the letters and you hook them again and they stand out more. I'll try that method next time I have to hook letters. I'll have to find that article and read it again.

    You know that the customer is always right and beauty is in the eye of the beholder...They want their rug personalized. I feel for you having to make the decision.
    You can always pull the hoops out if it doesn't look good.

  11. I am loving getting ready for the Christmas season..

  12. I am so in awe of your hooking skills. Maybe someday..............xo Laura

  13. love the rug and you are a speeder for sure. I am not sure draw them in you can always hook over them