Saturday, November 30, 2013

Back off Lady!

I almost found myself in a little "Black Friday" mayhem today.  Well......not really but it makes for a more  alluring post intro, don't ya think?  Lol. 

I went shopping this morning at Deanne Fitzpatricks Studio.  She hosted a 5 artist show.  There was a painter, a potter, a jeweler, a birdhouse maker and of course Deanne.  It was so much fun mingling around with everyone.  I was trying to Christmas shop and found this adorable birdhouse that will be perfect for Mom's best friend.  

I fell in love with it.  I was standing by it and chatting to one of the artists.  All of a sudden this woman comes by and says "oooooh, look at the teapot one".  I saw her arm begin to extend and there was no way I was letting that happen!  I quickly layed my hand on top of it - "sorry, it's claimed."   (And I may have smugly grinned, but that's just a rumor). Heehee   Let's be clear......she was NOT leaving with my house.  

I also left with another bag of wool.  I mean, how can be in a rug hooking studio and not buy wool?  I finished hooking a Mrs Claus.  She needs to be bound but not today.  

Someone wants a Olde Holiday Branch hooked before Christmas (and shipped to Ontario) so I need to speed hook this one.  It's all drawn on burlap and my fingers are black from the sharpie.   

Time to hook


  1. It sounds like you are going to be busy with the wool!

    That is a very unique birdhouse! Good buy for you!

  2. That is too funny, I'm glad that no one was hurt in the confrontation over the bird house. It's quite unique.

    I love your Mrs Clause and the color is gorgeous.
    You are so busy hooking so many rugs, you put me to shame.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. So glad you got your birdhouse. ::) I hope she doesn't read your blog cause, well now she knows. :) I would love to get a bag of wool. How cool is that. I ran out of backing today and I thought, it must be so nice to run down and buy some instead of having to wait for a order.
    Have a wonderful time with your new rug. My hand is black from sharpie too.
    Have a great Sunday

  4. You could have nicely said "have you ever had a broken arm" LOL. Glad you claimed.

    Happy hooking. Love mrs claus.

  5. Hi Kim,I am busy hooking a santa from the primitive quilts magazine!Tomorrow is my daughters birthday and were all going to Disneyland.Have a good week,cheri

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  7. Kim I have no doubt you "the bionic hooker" will have it completed in record time and delivered to the client!!
    I have to admit I am very jealous of you time in Deanne's studio. I watched one of her videos this weekend and cannot wait to get back to NS for a visit I will certainly be planning a day trip to Amherst!! That bird house is very artist and certainly fits all my memories of growing up in NS. I think my mom's teapot was the most used piece of "equiptment" in the house.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

  8. Funny story! Your Mrs. Claus rug looks great...looking forward to seeing your commission!

  9. Morning Kim, to funny, the nerve of some people, tee hee......Happy Hooking, Francine.

  10. Sometimes you just got to be a little forceful when it comes to latching on your claims! lol

  11. Your Ms. Claus looks beautiful (all aglow)! She's VERY happy now! lol! ;-)
    Absolutely LOVE that birdhouse!

  12. Your mrs clause looks great and lucky you getting that bird house it is a good one.
    happy hooking

  13. At least you didn't have to throw elbows. ;) Mrs. Claus looks great! Good luck with your Christmas order. I have one, and it's a little stressful.