Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Stains and Hunger Pains

I've been working like a demon lately. Lots of late evenings and big projects. It's all good but it has cut into my blogging and blog surfing time.  I'm behind but I will catch up on you soon.  

I got home tonight at 7pm and I was starving.  I had just walked into the house and only had one boot off so far when I heard "crash" and quickly followed by some "colorful language". 
Auntie had spilled a full cup of tea all over the pale grey carpet AND one of my hooked rugs.  Naturally the only one I have on the floor and it has on off white background.  Sigh.....

So since her back is still bad I spent 20 minutes blotting, spraying, scrubbing, and drying the carpet.   If you're paying attention (and I know you are)  I'm still starving.  Then on my way past the sofa I noticed the mail pile.

The new Taste of Home magazine was delivered.  Yay!  Just what you need when you're hungry!  Lol. So I grabbed a cup of tea (managed to keep it upright) and 3 peanut butter balls and flipped through all the recipes.   I may have found this years selection for the annual family cookie exchange.   I will test them soon.  

I do not recommend the peanut butter ball diet as a regular supper selection.  Oh and now I'm having dessert.....a bag of chips.  Yeah, I'm the poster girl for healthy living :)


  1. Kim, you are so funny! If you lived nearer, I would certainly be able to see that you had something for dinner. I have had lots of problems learning how to cook for two again, and the girls have all been out of the house since 1997!:-) I am what you would call a "slow learner.":-) Hugs to you!

  2. Haha sounds like my totally favorite kind of dinner. While looking at Taste of Home is my favorite way to eat.
    I wondered what you had been doing.

  3. I had chips...AND...dip for din din. Yum!

  4. I'm glad that you are not working for the mayor of Toronto. What a character he is...
    I hope that your rug and the carpet didn't got permanently stained. It's fortunate that you got there when it happened to take care of it. At least you got a good diversion with the Taste Of Home Magazine and I bet that the potato chips tasted good too. I had a bag hidden and I had to go get some just now. I don't have much will power where potato chips are concerned.


  5. You are a girl after my own heart, yummy!!!! sorry to hear about the spilled tea, hope it all came out.....Looks like a good magazine, Blessings Francine.

  6. Whoo-hoo!
    Sounds like dinner to me!

  7. A glass of milk and an apple would have balanced hat meal out nicely!

  8. I just got my Thanksgiving Taste of Home. I wonder if Canada gets different ones than the U.S.

  9. Now that is what I would call a yummy dinner!

  10. Hey, some days are like that. At least peanut butter balls are made of... peanut butter. And potato chips are... potatoes. That's got to count for something! You can eat broccoli tomorrow.