Saturday, December 14, 2013

Bells, bells, and more bells

I'll start with a Mom update.  Thank you for all the lovely comments on my last post. I told her she had lots of people praying for her.  I made 4 visits today between breakfast and tonight.  She is still in a weakened condition but was the most animated tonight.  There was some chatter and she managed a couple of smiles so I left feeling better.  There is a big snow storm coming tomorrow and the predictions are its going to be bad so I may not get to visit her tomorrow.  That is stressing me a bit but we will have to see how things are.  Her roommate has a phone so I asked her if it would be OK if I called her a few times throughout the day for an update.  

Which reminds me - Mom got moved late last night to a room on the medical floor.  So no more sleeping in the hallway of the Emergency Room which is better for everyone.   And it also means I don't have to look for that creepy elf anymore.  He's an ER elf.  As far as I know, the medical unit is Elf-free.  Lol. A friend had this on Facebook today so I borrowed it.  

In between hospital visits his afternoon I had to go to the grocery store.   Well....being tired and stressed my nerves were a little edgy.  And because of the storm forecast the store was NUTS.  While I was waiting in line to checkout I had to post this status on Facebook -"Apparently it's "bring your dopey husband day" at Superstore."   Arrgh. Seriously every single aisle was packed with people and every 10 feet was some dopey man standing around with his cart all willy-nilly in the way.   Just standing there!!!

About 4pm I went back to the hospital to feed Mom her supper.  I went to adjust her in the bed and I heard this clank on the floor and this screaming alarm started going off.  What the heck??  I run around to the other side of the bed and see this plastic box on the floor.  It's the thing that's screaming.  I can't turn it off and I'm freaking out thinking "I broke the hospital".  It was so loud and I even tried to muffle it under a pillow and it had no effect.   

Now I'm thinking "oh shit!  What do I do?  Make it stop!!  All of a sudden this nurse flies around the corner and I'm standing there holding this thing with the guiltiest look on my face.  I start yammering about how this thing just fell off and I don't know what it is ....   Apparently it's a safety alarm that was clipped with a string to Moms shirt so if she tried to get up alone they would know.   It's funny because I saw a string clipped to her shirt but there are so many tubes and wires I didn't think much of it.   But it made me feel so much more secure about leaving her because if she did happen to try and get up, everyone on the floor will know.  It's a great idea.  And now I know not to pull on the string!!  (I was pretty embarrassed)

Now we are all tucked in and ready for tomorrow's storm.  And I'm watching my all-time favorite movie "It's A Wonderful Life"

I think this may be the greatest movie ever made.  It's not the holidays without watching this every year.  "Every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings". Night all


  1. What an adventure you had at the hospital. It reminds me Lucille Ball. Do you remember her show? She always got into some trouble like that. I wish I would have seen you and that ringing alarm. It must have been funny.

    I'm glad that your mom is smiling today.
    About that big storm, we are supposed to get it too and my daughter Nicole is scheduled to fly home tomorrow night from Ottawa. She lives in Glasgow Scotland and is visiting my other daughter at the moment. I'll be on pins and needles waiting to see if she will fly or not.

    All the best for your mom.
    Hugs for you and Millie

  2. I hope the storm doesn't materialize. These things with parents are always so hard. Hard to see them vulnerable. I've had my own run-ins with the alarms. Just last week when we were caroling at the nursing home, we ended up inadvertently setting off the 'very loud' alarm! I don't know when the elf thing got to be popular, but my mom always had those little elves around at Christmas time and that was in the '60s. They're now on my shelf. I'll have to check to see if they're in the same spots when I get up tomorrow. - I too wish the best for your mom - and you.

  3. Kim, I think you had better check your shoulder blade's out in the morning, I suspect you might have wings too ...I admire your dedication to your mom, she is very lucky to have you...Sleep tight...

  4. Yeah glad Mom is better. Our snow is done. I think we have about 6-8 inches, hard to tell in the dark. Stay safe.


  5. Hi Kim,
    So glad to hear your Mom is doing better! It has to be hard for you worrying about her and then having the storm coming. Hoping things get better there soon. And glad to hear the elf situation is under control too... they really tend to be pesky little things!!
    Hugs and prayers!!
    Cathy G

  6. Hi Kim,
    I am so glad your mom has a room now and that she was feeling better.
    Sounds like you had quite the day.
    Have a good evening, and just relax

  7. Kim it's great to read your Mom's been smiling...we are living very similar lives right now...spending time with your Mom in the hospital is so important...I've slept on many odd chairs and couches this week to remain by her side...hugs to you and your mom...

  8. thankful she is doing better, hope there are not any problems due to the storm.

  9. Kim,
    Happy to hear mom is on the mend.
    I saw that pic on FB, too. Made me laugh and think of you!!!
    Julie is so right...I think you've already gotten your wings.
    We got our storm yesterday so I had to work 10+ hours and I'm back in this morning. UGH! I am a Monday-Friday work gal and this is killing me, but I will be smiling next payday!!!
    Hugs :)

  10. Oh Kim, I feel for you.Brave girl stay strong and Iam praying for you all. cheri

  11. Kim, I am so glad that your mom is doing better and has been moved into a room away form that elf. Stay warm and safe during the storm. Just lots of rain here yesterday. I would rather have the snow. :)
    xo Laura

  12. So happy to hear your Mom is doing better!
    I have one of those husbands.. : )

  13. Morning Kim, do you have wings this morning? You are such a great daughter, happy to hear your mom is feeling better.......stay cozy with the bad weather coming, love the movie to, Blessings Francine.

  14. (hugs) is all I can think of my dear

  15. So glad to read that your mom is doing better! And I don't feel so alone about tripping up medical equipment...yay!...I'm in good company! Oh, my husband was out in that crowd yesterday. His specialties include walking in front of my cart and then stopping quickly. He should wear combat boots! He also likes to stand in the middle of the aisle, not really looking at anything, but definitely not noticing the other cart that wants through. OY!

  16. So happy to hear your mom is starting to rally. It's a wonderful life is my all time favorite too. Just the best ever.
    we are at the tail end of the storm I hope I did my grocery's Friday so it wasn't to bad. I agree with dopey husbands my included if my decides to go we always end up in argument. I go in get what I want and out he wants to look at every little thing ugh. Of course he always says what if there is something new you would miss it. um I don't care I have what works for us.
    stay safe and cozy in the storm.

  17. I am so glad you updated. I have been thinking about her and praying for her.
    That is what happened to Em's when she had to be taken in and I know how sick she was and she is so much younger and it was so hard for her to get better. I am so relieved your Mom is better. That is scary/funny about the alarm. I am so glad they have it.
    I hope your storm isn't as bad as they are forecasting. I love It's A Wonderful Life too.
    I am thinking and praying for you too.

  18. I'm glad your Mom is better and hopefully she'll be home soon.We had a storm too, but it was over quick. Enjoy your is the best!

  19. Glad your mom is feeling better. What a funny picture of the dog,lol. You better watch your back as you never know when that elf may show up!!

  20. Oh Millie I'm so glad to hear your mom is doing better. My heart sank when I read the very beginning of this post. Just knowing that she's feeling a little bit better is comforting! Sending lots of love,


  21. Hi Kim, sending prayers for comfort and for improved health for your mom, and comfort and peace for you! I hope this continue to improve.

  22. Hi kim,lots of prayers and a hug cheri your a great daughter!