Saturday, December 7, 2013

It's time to catch the spirit

I've put it off as long as I can.  Despite my bah humbug schedule lately, a tiny bit of Christmas spirit in slowly creeping in.  I decided I needed to do a little power shopping today and Downtown was hosting another Artisans Market so there was lots of hustle and bustle and lots of great things to look at.  Our local Department Store downtown is all decked out for the holidays.  

I borrowed their photo from Facebook so you could see how pretty it looks.  Today many of the shops had live entertainment too.  There was a couple set up on this staircase singing Christmas music today.  I got some shopping done finally and my tree is going up tomorrow.  

I'm feeling less panicked tonight.  My cousin Mike is coming to help with the tree and if he's in a good mood, I might convince him to come with me to pick up the new TV Santa is bringing early :). I might as well use his muscle while I have him here. 

I also finished the special order for the rug tonight so now I can get it shipped on Monday.   

Fa la la la la.  I might even bring "the infamous shower curtain" out tomorrow. 


  1. Your rug turned out FANTASTIC and the lettering is beautiful. It really makes it special for the folks you are doing for. A real nice job.

    I'm trying to do a bit of tiding up and getting rooms ready for my visiting kids and and the grandkids. I'm slowly getting in the mood too.... very slowly....


  2. Beautiful staircase.
    Rug looks wonderful. Letters are perfect!
    Hugs :)

  3. The rug looks great and your letters are beautiful! Where is it off to? I spent the afternoon with a holiday radio station on so I am starting to catch the spirit too. Have a great weekend!

    1. Denise, it's heading to Ontario :)

  4. I am pretty much decorated we when to the Christmas parade tonight with Miss B so the sprit is over flowing here:)

  5. We put up the tree today and the Grandkiddos are going to decorate it tomorrow. I've done a bit of shopping but still have tons to go. I'm not worried...I always get it finished! Your rug is lovely! I'm sure the new owners will love it! How nice that your downtown has a dept. store. So many small towns have lost their charm and business to the big malls. At first when I saw the staircase pic I thought you would say it was your staircase in your home! Ha! Hope the spirit continues and the TV is really awesome! Happy Holidays!

  6. Oh Kim, beautiful rug, nice job.....Love the staircase, so pretty....Blessings Francine.

  7. Glad to hear your spirits are picking up. That staircase is beautiful, but I am glad I don' t have to go up and down it all day

  8. Your rug finished up beautifully! They are going to love it!

  9. The rug turned out very nice! Teeny bit of Christmas spirit here. Teeny. Just enough for Christmas on Sirius and a Teeny Tree.

  10. Yesssssss i knew you could do it. Looks great and you did a nice job on the name.

    Pretty dept store too.

  11. As I slowly scrolled down your post, I thought the same as "yaya" that her staircase! I agree with everyone...the rug turned out great!