Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Small Town Sweet

I love small towns.  I especially love my small town.   There is no such thing as rush hour.  We do have what we call "rush minute" at 4:00pm when there is a shift change at the Industrial Park.  Traffic grid lock is when you have to wait a minute for a pedestrian to cross the street.  And they always wave a little thank you for stopping. 

The down side of small towns is "everybody knows everything about you" 

The up side of small towns is "everybody knows everything about you"

About a week or so Auntie and I had lunch at Bella's Cafe downtown.  They serve homemade desserts and the selection changes every day.  Auntie ordered a piece of coconut cake to take home and I passed. (Good self control eh!)  We had a brief conversation with the waitress about desserts and I mentioned that I loved the almond honey bread pudding I had there once.

I thought nothing more about it until this morning, just before noon and my phone rang in my office.  It was the waitress at the Cafe.  She said they had made bread pudding today, and would put a piece aside for me if I wanted.   How sweet is that?   And how small town?   I bet that kind of gesture doesn't happen much in the big cities. 

When I arrived it was all packaged and waiting for me.   And it was just as good as I remembered.   It was a great gesture and it sweetened me up to try the letters on the rug.  
P.S. The letters are not going well.   Sigh.......


  1. I just think your town is the nicest place in the world, how some nut job from California can call places in your town and ask them about your birthday and they were so happy to help me. So I do think you live in the nicest town ever. I think the bread pudding story is just so awesome.

  2. Oh, that is just so sweet. That definitely doesn't happen around here, with nearly half a million people. Your little town sounds just perfect. :)

  3. we are in a small town too. when you get your tax bill the tax collector sends you a little note in it saying hi how are you. When David was sick I think most everyone in town sent a card or called. it is good to be in a small town, my daughter who lives in a much larger area now said I didn't realize I grew up in pleasantville until I left. I am glad you got you dessert and it was as good as you remembered.

  4. How thoughtful and sweet of her. And no you're right....that wouldn't happen in the city.

    Maybe they will look better when complete.

  5. We live in Smalltown USA and when the water bill at one of our rentals was running really high (the tenant pays), the lady at the water department called to tell us we probably should check it for a leak!! That doesn't happen in the big city!! There's a lot to be said for Smalltown living!! Thank goodness the bakery doesn't call ~ I'd be in big trouble!!!

  6. Gee my closest neighbors aren't even that nice!! I envy your small town living Kim! I'm playing catch up here on your prior post... you're gonna love that 8.5 cutter blade! Really speeds up the hooking! Hooking...hmmm...something I haven't been doing a lot of lately! :-((
    Hope your week is going well and have a happy hump day tomorrow!
    Cathy G

  7. Small towns can be wonderful--like everything else in life they have pros and cons. Thoughtful to make the bread pudding for you

  8. How fun!

    And, yummy!

    Had to laugh at your 'traffic gridlock'.

  9. How sweet Kim, like to hear this.....gotta love small town life, Francine.

  10. That's a lovely story! I grew up in a very small town and when I was little I could not understand why everyone knew my name! Send me a piece of coconut cake, please. ;-D

    1. I don't know who you are but I love your name a daily dose of fiber so very clever. Love It!!

  11. Very nice! Perfect thing to happen this time of year.. : ) We have the same traffic you have when we go to the Kinda Big City for FOOD.

  12. Hi Kim, I left a comment last night and I was dead on my butts and I must have forgotten to push publish. I hate that when this happens. A good indication that I should go to bed early.

    I love your small town and all that it represent. I'm not a fan of big cities.

    You have something very special about your neighbourhood restaurant. It doesn't get better than that. I hope that you enjoyed the desert. They would be on my list of favorite places to eat too.

    Hope that you have a good hump day.

    Stay warm and drive safely.

  13. Small towns certainly do have their advantages! I've been wanting some bread pudding for awhile now. Guess I'm going to have to make some!

  14. that's a lovely story!
    love the photo too!

  15. My kind of town Kim! (but you know that, lol) Wonderful pic and story.

    Here it's the pizza place - they called to check on me when I didn't order for a couple weeks to see if I was ok (yes I am a pizza addict - just bread and cheese and pureed veg aka tomato sauce right? lol).

    Good luck with the letters - can't imagine how tricky getting those 'right' must be.

    Hugs, Issy

  16. How nice, I love me some bread pudding!

  17. I have moved so much in my life Kim that I feel like a tumbleweed rather than having those great roots that you enjoy. Sometimes I wish for those home-town things but I have met many great and wonderful people in my travels so I have blessings of a different sort.
    I am glad you are happy in your town and a call for bread pudding...I might give up moving for somone to know me that well LOL.
    Good luck with your letters!!