Monday, December 2, 2013

Miracles, progress and a treat

There was an early Christmas miracle today.  The phone bill came and what do you know.....the balance was right!!  First time since June

I don't know what I will do will all my free time now that I don't have to fight with the phone company.  Lol   I got some more hooked done this evening and as promised, here is a better shot of the rug.

I like it a lot.  Now for my question......if I add a surname to the bottom of the rug, will it ruin it?  I guess tomorrow night I will just have to try it and decide.    Now for the treat part.  Since this rug is pre-sold I decided to invest the proceeds of this rug into a new 8.5 Townsend cartridge.   Yeeeeeee, I ordered it today.   Merry Christmas to ME!  


  1. Yay for the rug Kim, wonderful job, Francine.

  2. WOW! I'm impressed. I remember when you took the plunge and bought an 8. You will LOVE the 8.5. A 9 is pretty cool, too :)
    As much as I hate to hook letters, I think maybe the name could work on this rug. I'd suggest you draw the letters in and see what you think.
    Yeah on the phone bill!!!
    Hugs :)

  3. The rug is going to be beautiful!

  4. It's a good day when the phone bill is a negative AND the rug your hooking is as beautiful as yours! Do initials on the bottom of the rug. Do your initials on the bottom of the rug...that would look so classy!

  5. The phone company will miss hearing from you! Can't say about te getters ~ just give it'a try and see! Is there room on the linen to extend the background a bit so there would be more room for the letters?

  6. Kim, you are going to LOVE he #8.5 cut. The first few times I used it the size seemed a little daunting. But then when I went back to the #8, using the #8 felt like I was cutting with a #6. LOVE my #8.5 and you will too.


  7. Yay for the phone company! I love the rug! You have been making good use of your time!

  8. Yea on the phone bill. Someone actually learned to add and subtract. It's nice to know that they really don't want to loose you as a customer.

    Yea on the rug too. It's looking mighty nice. I'm glad that you're getting a 8.5 cutter and I hope that you love it.


  9. How exciting that the bill was finally correct! I know you were waiting patiently to see if it ever happened. :)

  10. So glad that you finally got that phone bill taken care of. Lovely rug Kim, I love the colors and the bird. Yay Merry Christmas to you!!! That is an awesome gift. I hope this one comes faster than the first time you bought them, remember that?
    That is on my dream list, a Townsend cutter. Next year, if I get to go to a Wool Con, they offer such a wonderful deal. Have a lovely day.

  11. Congrats on the phone bill! That is a beautiful rug!!!

  12. Its lookin good. Would you even have room for the name if you are only going to hook to the line. Of course it's probably bigger than what the pic shows.

    Glad you got your phone bill fixed finally. Guess we were both fighting with phone companies this week. LOL