Sunday, December 30, 2012

Shack Wacky

Shack Wacky - Cabin Fever - Stir Crazy..........whatever you want to call it - today I've got it. It snowed for most of the day and the wind blew it around. Just enough to fill in my yard and keep me trapped. My snowplow guy is MIA. It's driving me crazy for 2 reasons. First I like to be here when he comes so I can move the cars around and second (and more importantly) I'm TRAPPED.

Not that I need to go anywhere, I just like knowing I can.

I spent the day eating. I tried reading but honestly, I'm having some trouble getting into The Hobbit. I might break my rule, skip the book and go right to the movie. And there was absolutely nothing on TV today. Nothing! It got so bad after supper I even went outside and shoveled some.

I can't even focus enough to hook but I think I will try to force myself.

I don't do Shack Wacky very well :(


  1. HI KIM! finely stopping by and i am feeling really house bound or something today too. we sure dont have much snow but has been staying around 0 degrees. i too feel like i have been eatting all day! i did start hauling christmas decorations down stairs so need to get down there and organize. i read thru some of your posts. i love the blog t shirt! soo soo true. and the socks prove we will do anything for a post! your millie looks adorable in her christmas best! my children got me a electric fireplace and it came in green! so i reordered one today in black and it should be here this week. then to find a place. but i love that it looks like an oldfashion wood stove. and i will sit right in front of it if this weather keeps up! hope you have a couple more days off? my daughter is city clerk i know ive told you probley many times anyway i think she works tomorrow. sure not much time off this year for the holidays! i think as much work as they are everyone should get a week or two off with pay! enjoy your evening kim and hope your mum has a good week as you too!

  2. Cabin fever? Girlfriend, I put my feet into my new black Aldo riding boots(on sale) squeezed my body into new jeans, and zipped my down parka and headed to L.L.Beans. Armed with a gift card in hand and attacked the sales. I may be a proud granny, I just don't want to look like one. LOL Happy New Year's to all, Julie.

  3. Hi kim, It sounds like you got a serious case of Cabin Fever, but Wacky Shack is a good enough name for it.

    I'm in the office and I was getting cold so I wrapped myself in a throw I keep on my chair and now I'm toasty warm on my shoulders but my knees are cold.
    When I read where you mentioned that you've been eating all day. I had to get up and warm myself a cup of homemade turkey soup and it's 10:44 PM.

    The wind is blowing off the river and it's noisy. I don't sleep well when it's noisy like that and I'll probably be a bit cranky in the morning for lack of good sleep for three days.

    I hope that you get a good night sleep and stay safe and warm.

    Take care, Hugs.

  4. I haven't been any where today so I made bread and ate, I pitched some sweets but I ate some first, I organized the frig and ate a little of the left overs, I found popcorn and ate that, I figure by the time tomorrow comes I wont be able to fit out the door. then I will be really stuck at home.

  5. I have cabin fever too and we don't have but a bit of snow and ice here. Hang in there, Spring is coming!

  6. I can't say I am bored - but hope you have a happy new year tomorrow.

  7. We have been blessed so far this winter with no snow, just cold and windy. But I can do cold and windy because I can still get out of the house. But I love your term shack wacky.

  8. Me neither... although I've enjoyed the rest between Christmas and New Year's... I'm ready to hop in my car and get going again! Enough snow already... bring on Spring! :-)

  9. Well in your picture on FB it looks like you found a way to deal with the trapped feeling. I hope you have a wonderful start to your New Year. :)